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    Advanced Red Garuda Retreat 2016

    We at Yeru Bön Center were blessed with an amazing Red Garuda retreat. The retreat, which included over twenty people in attendance, was an Advanced Retreat following the 10-month Red Garuda Online Course. This course allowed many Bön practitioners to experience the Red Garuda very deeply, whether new to the

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    BCH 28th Anniversary

    BCH 28th Anniversary On July 1, 2016, the Bon Children’s Home celebrated its 28th Anniversary.  The event was held on the playground of the BCH in Dolanji. The program began with the BCH Accountant, Mr. Tsering Dorjee, and the BCH children welcoming the guest of honor, Mr. Lhoden Nyima, the Settlement

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    Bon Children’s Home Summer Prayer

    On June 9 and 10, 2016, a group of 14 monks from sMenri Monastery, Dolanji, India are performing a two-day summer prayer at the Bon Children’s Home.  This prayer is for the benefit, good health, good fortune and well-being of the BCH children, staff, supporters, all those connected with the