Join and be a part of helping the Children at the Bon Children’s Home


Hello everyone,

We know it always seems we are putting out a request for funds for the Bön Children’s Home. We often talk about this here at Yeru Bön Center and with several Ambassadors of BCH throughout the United States.

But the reality is that Yeru Bön Center works towards the needs of the children at the Bön Children’s Home on an ongoing basis. Taking care of 200 children is not an easy task. There is a need for child sponsorships, and other emergency needs for these amazing children and their caretakers.

The children at the Bön Children’s Home rank high academically and in sports, they work hard with their studies, and they are so grateful for all of the support they receive. They are driven to study hard, work hard and to help each other to do their best.

Starting today, Yeru Bön Center has set up a 30 day challenge to raise $100,000.  Wow, that’s a lot right?  But we pray we can do this.  Last year we had a challenge to raise money for a much needed washing machine. The response was so wonderful. The Bön Children’s Home now has three heavy duty washers and supplies for washing.

This challenge of raising $100,000 will help with:

• Generator -  The current generator is just not able to continue working.   It is tired and worn out. This generator facilitates the dormitories, dining hall and the kitchen.

• The pipes at the BCH have corroded. Duct tape and bubble gum is just not working anymore.  The toilets are affected and the leak is leaking throughout the BCH.

• A much needed safe car for the children. Medical emergencies are always spontaneous and the hospital is over 6 hours away a large hospital in Chandigarh. A child bouncing with tremendous pain in the back of a car that might or might not make it to the hospital is very terrible.     So, the BCH is trying to purchase a van with a place to lay the child down and to have the nurse be in the back with the child as they drive the child for medical attention. There have been incidences where the car broke down and the outcome was not good for the child.

• The first dormitory is no longer safe for the children. The children have been moved out, but because of needed space, the staff is now using the old, unsafe dormitory for themselves.

A new building/dormitory is needed.

  1. Improved kitchen facilities
  2. Library
  3. Uniforms and other needed clothing.

We have had donations come in, but have not been able to help us achieve the urgent task at hand to help the children at the Bön Children’s Home. We calculated the funds needed were at approximately $100,000.

We are asking you to open your hearts, be a part of achieving our goal for the Bön Children’s Home. Share our request with your Facebook friends, your other social media interactions, co-workers, family and friends. There is no donation to small or to large.

As the donations come in, you can watch the meter raise towards our goal at the Yeru Bön Center.

challenge meter

New Vehicle

New Vehicle

Fixing Corroded Pipes

Fixing Corroded Pipes

New Generator

New Generator