Gong Chod Namsum Online – Releasing Your Obstacles, Embracing Your Potentials

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Event details

  • Thursday | September 1, 2016 to Sunday | April 2, 2017
  • - 6:00 pm
  • Part 1: Online Course. . Part 2: Yeru Los Angeles Joshua Tree Retreat Center Joshua Tree, CA


Releasing Your Obstacles,
Embracing Your Potentials

Gong Chod Namsum

Three Mind Essence of Magyud (Mother Tantra)


Online Preliminary 3 month Course of Gong Chod Namsum
September 1, 2016

followed by

Gong Chod Namsum Retreat
March 30 – April 2, 2017
Yeru Los Angeles
Joshua Tree Retreat Center

This teaching can be a two part course: Online Course, Retreat or both.

The online will give you the tools to be more prepared for this intensive retreat.

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche will teach us that many of life’s problems have to do with fear and attachments. Through the Gong Chod Namsum Magyud, a part of The Mother Tantra, we will learn the practice of cutting away obstacles to peace. This ancient practice of Chod (literally, “to cut”) is a skillful method for dissolving obstacles.

Traditionally, Chod practitioners (chodpas) would practice most outdoors, in environments believed to harbor harmful energy from nature spirits. The chodpa would travel into the mountains, chanting with drum and bell, in order to conquer the spirits through wisdom and re-establish harmony between the natural and spiritual worlds.

In the Chod practice the fear-creating actions of the spirits are also considered a manifestation of one’s own internal fear and attachments. Thus, one can confront one’s fear and emotion indoors, seated on a meditation cushion.

This teaching/retreat will be amazing and life-changing. Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche believes this is a special teaching for students who are interested and want to learn how to manage fear and attachments to improve their daily life. Rinpoche will give a preliminary online course prior to the retreat, where students will receive the tools to make life changes.

The online course will teach the basic principles, texts, prayers, and mantras of Chod, using conversations with Rinpoche, live stream, video and audio teachings. Chat rooms and live student forums allow for group discussions and help with assignments and understanding.

The online course is highly recommended, as it gives students time to learn the basics of the practice, thus allowing us to reach a deeper level of this powerful and amazing retreat. Our experience is that when students participate on the online courses prior to a retreat, their knowledge is deeper, the retreats are more profound and a bond is built with other students prior to the retreats and more enjoyable.

The online course is not required for the retreat, but is highly recommended as it does enhance your learning and understanding.

The RetreatThe Gong Chod NamsumThree Mind Essence of Magyud (Mother Tantra) will be held at Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Joshua Tree California – Approximately 2 hours from Los Angeles. Joshua Tree Retreat Center is one of the oldest and largest retreat center in the Western United States; beautiful landmark on a sacred site.

We have reserved the Ding Le Mei House for this teaching. Private and intimate. Heated and air-conditioned. Bed Linens, pillow, towels and blankets are included. Breakfast and Dinners will be provided as well and drinks and snacks.

We have also put a temporary hold on more housing and campsites. Early Registration is strongly suggested.


Online Course “ Three Mind Essence of Magyud ( Mother Tantra)” – $275.00
Course will begin September 1, 2016. This online course will prepare the students for the retreat so they  progress, memorize and familiarize. The online course will include conversations with Rinpoche, Live Stream, Videos, Audios, Handouts, Texts, Chat rooms to converse with other students. Live Student Forums weekly for group discussions and help with assignments and understanding.

Retreat – 700.00
Includes Teaching with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, housing, meals, materials, private time with Rinpoche, Evening forums, Optional Small group Chod instrument practice.

Early Registration Fees by August 15, 2015:
Online Course – $200.00
Retreat – $600.00
Both Online and Retreat – $700.00

Space is limited, if you would like to hold your space for the retreat, you can place a $200.00 deposit to hold your space. Final Payment due January 1, 2017

Retreat Refund Policy:
Your deposit is refundable, less a $100.00 processing fee, if your reservation is cancelled by February 1, 2017. Your deposit is 50% refundable if your reservation is cancelled after February 1, 2017. There is no refund if your reservation is cancelled after March 1, 2017.

We will, however, apply your deposit to other teachings held within one year.

Students will have the opportunity to purchase Chod items at a discount.