The Essentials Of Bon Online Course


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  • Sunday | January 10, 2016 to Monday | April 4, 2016
  • - 6:00 pm

Umzed Online – Not just for Chant Leaders!

3 month Online Course

Have you ever wished you knew more about Bon?  Not just a specific teaching, but Bön in general, and how the teachings of Bon are so nurturing to our lives. Do you get confused by the chants and prayers? Do you know what all those things on the altar are? Do you wish you understood better what was going in an offering ceremony (tsok)? Do you wish you could remember all those things about prayer and chanting you learned one weekend, but can’t quite remember?

This Essentials Of Bon course could offer an ah-ha moment. By the end of this course will have a good background and History of Bön, and a better understanding of the elements of practice.

Any serious student of Bon, beginner to advanced, can take this course and learn things that are valuable for your daily life, your practice, and allow you to help others in their study of Bon.

Yes, this is an Umzed Course, but so many people have asked of the Essentials of Bon, but are not interested in being a chant leader, they just want to know and understand the essentials of Bön so they may progress in their practice.

This course will cover:

  • • The History of Bon – Rinpoche will discuss the history of Bon.   We will have images to show the history of Bon, sMenri Monastery and more.
  • • Nine Purifical Breaths  – Purification breathing – You will learn and understand the importance of the Nine Purification Breaths.   Removing negativities and replacing with positives.
  • • Prayers and Chants  – How to Chant and  How to Pray.  You will learn the meaning of the prayers in English and how to recite them in Tibetan.  Mp3 downloadable audios.
  • • Bon Deities – You will learn about various Bon Deities and Yiddams and their importance in Bon and your life.
  • • Alter  –  You will learn the proper way to  make your alter ready every day.  How to properly  clean your alter and how to show respect to your alter.  You will know what all of the different items are needed and it’s significance.
  • • How to Meditate and Why - Rinpoche will give you the tools needed to build a strong Meditation Foundation.  He will explain the importance for your wellbeing.
  • • Prostrations – How to make proper Prostration and the purpose of Prostration.
  • • Dedication – You will learn the dedication prayer and the importance of Dedication after every meditation or prayer.

This course is meant to work at your own pace.   It is more important to truly learn the essentials given to you for this course.

This course will include:

  • • Videos and Audios of Rinpoche teaching this course.
  • • Downloadable PDF teaching materials
  • • Images of the Deities and Yidams
  • • Chat room,
  • • Online Question and Answer Sessions