Geshe Chaphur

Geshe Chaphur was born in Amdo Ngaba in Eastern Tibet. Geshe Chaphur studied at sMenri Monastery under the guidance of HH the 33rd sMenri Trizin, and served as president of the Bon Dialectic School. He received his Geshe degree in 2008 and currently focuses on  the poems and songs of realization of the masters of the Oral Tradition of Zhang Zhung.

A published author, Waves of Uncontrived Mind, a collection of his poetry, and Footsepts of Buddha Shenrab of Olmo Ling was published in 2007, the historical sutdy of Zhang Zhung and Yungdrung Bon.  He is also a member of the committee for Bon-Go, the first and most respected academic journal devoted to the study of Bon.  He is the founder of Gyal Shen Institute, in California.