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2018 Online Courses

The following online courses will be available to students on the Door to Bon website. The courses consist of videos taken from retreats, together with necessary materials, journaling assignments, and more. Read below for details on individual courses.

Precious Gem Dzogchen Teachings


This is a wonderful course for students serious about Dzogchen practice. Dzogchen, “The Great Perfection,” is the third and highest of the three Bon types of practice. Dzogchen introduces students directly to the natural state of mind and the ultimate reality of all phenomena.

This online course works with your schedule. The course provides teachings, assignments, and journaling, and you can do this at your own pace. Yeru is planning a series of online chats and weekend retreats of practitioners to develop our practice. To become a true Dzogchen practitioner requires study directly with a master. This online course is a preliminary step. Yeru offers intensive retreats in Dzogchen for practitioners wishing to take their practice to the next level.

Early Registration fee before February 25, 2018  — $225.00 

Registration after February 25, 2018 — $285.00

Five Poisons


The Five Poisons are a central cause of suffering in our daily lives.  They are our negative emotional reactions to a particular situation. The Five Poisons ultimately hurts more than they hurt the other person. We cannot heal ourselves, or heal someone else, if we cannot control our own Five Poisons.

There will be several live chats with the students to help study and learn the harmful effects of the five poisons and the balance you bring into your life replacing the five poisons with wisdom.

Anger, Jealousy, Pride, Attachment, Ingnorance

Yungdrung Bön focuses on learning how to remove the Five Poisons and to replace the poisons with antidotes and wisdom. Modern science has shown how our mental and physical health improves drastically when we recognize, reduce or eliminate our Five Poisons – Promoting mental and physical healing and balance. We are calmer. We create a healthier lifestyle, strong relationships and family bond.

Early Registration fee before February 25, 2018 — $100.00

Registration after February 25, 2018 — $175.00

Medicine Buddha


The Medicine Buddha (Sangye sMenla) is a compassionate manifestation form of Tonpa Shenrab, the founder of Bon and the Enlightened One (Tibetan “Sangye”). The Medicine Buddha teachings have been passed through Bon Masters in a continuous lineage down to the founder of the original sMenri Monastery and all the subsequent holders of that lineage, and has been preserved unburden to the present day.

The Medicine Buddha practice includes meditation and visualization of the Medicine Buddha.  This ancient healing practice and the blessings of the Medicine Buddha. restores and strengthen our energy, from us from obstacles in our lives, provide healing and protects us from illness by cleansing karmic impure energies, through reciting Nyenpa (Mantras) and prayers.

This course includes the Medicine Buddha Booklet, videos, mantras and digital images of the symbols used in the Medicine Buddha and Digital image of the Medicine Buddha.

There will be several live talks set up and weekends workshops with students only and Umzed to talk, practice and to help each other learn and retain the practice of the Medicine Buddha.

Registration after February 25, 2018 — $250.00


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