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Amor de Mar
Montezuma, Costa Rica
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Illumination, Healing and Transformation

Using the power of the Five Elements for clean mental and emotional health!

Costa Rica
February 24th – 28th, 2019

The 18,000-year-old ancient Tibetan Yungdrung Bön practice of the Five Elements can give us a healthier mind, body and spirit. For centuries, Tibetans have recognized the five elements – Space, Wind, Fire, Water and Earth – and their impact on our health.

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, one of the senior Rinpoches at sMenri Monastery, Abbot of Latri Monastery in Tibet, and one of this generation’s Master Geshes, will teach the inner Five Elements of our self.

Rinpoche will teach us about the Five Elements and how to correlate the Five Elements with our bodies and our surroundings. Learning to be connected with these elements begins our process of healing and transformation. Balancing the elements in our bodies and minds helps release stress, anger and uncertainty, and increases our focus, productivity and creativity.

If we mindfully apply and work with the powers of the Five Elements, we can feel and see ourselves transform into a powerful, balanced, happy, peaceful, prosperous and healthy person.


You will discover and learn:

The Space Element will help you clear space, giving you room, focus, and direction.

The Air Element will teach you about healing from within.   

The Fire Element will stimulate your creativity and connection with others, helping you find joy for living and mastery over anger.

The water element will teach you to be fluid, helping you with work, relationships and within yourself.

The Earth Element will show you how to be grounded and strong.

This Illumination, Healing and Transformation retreat is going to be a very powerful opportunity for life transformation. The course will consist of five days, one devoted to each element. Half of the day will be lecture-style teaching and meditation. The second half will be an experiential adventure with each element, to create our personal connections with the elements.

There will also be time for other activities to be found at the resort.


The Venue

We are fortunate to have an amazing place for this wonderful retreat. One of Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s student has offered her beautiful and healing resort in Costa Rica.

Amor De Mar in Costa Rica will be the host of this teaching Retreat.   Amor De Mar is located in a fun little village right on the ocean, surrounded by the natural beauty of beaches, water falls, and jungles.      Amor De Mar will add a peaceful element for our souls.      A mix of teachings, adventure, rest and rejuvenation.

We believe Amor de Mar in Montezuma Costa Rica will add a special memory.  Traveling to Costa Rica will bring about a sense of passion to this teaching.  We can all enjoy the ocean, the breeze, the fire side chats, the beautiful accommodations, hikes to the waterfalls, the taste of wonderful, freshly prepared meals and so much more.

The element of journey allows us to step away from our routine and normal surroundings, to immerse ourselves in the teaching, supported by nature.  This is a time and place for personal transformation.  When we return to our normal lives, we will have tools to maintain the transformation in our daily lives, careers, and personal and professional relationships.

Please visit Amor de Mar’s website http://www.amordemar.com  for information about this amazing retreat location.   Space is limited, this is a small boutique hotel located on the ocean.  There is a hotel nearby in case Amor de Mar is full. The entire hotel has been blocked and reserved for this retreat in the name of Yeru Bön Center.


This teaching will include:

  • Retreat with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche
  • Fireside Chats – Group talk about your element day
  • Meditation – Learn or improve your meditation practice
  • Nine Breath Purification Practice
  • Private Visit with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche
  • Syllabus
  • Digital Video Recording of Teaching
  • Integration exercises of the inner and outer Five Elements ~ Afternoon Events
  • Breakfast and Lunch from February 23 – 28, 2019
  • Life Marker Memory


Optional Activities:

  • Hikes to the Waterfall
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling/Scuba/paddle boarding
  • Enjoying the beauty of the resort and surrounding area
  • Village walks and adventure
  • Reading on the beach
  • Dancing on the beach
  • Sunset Chod Damaru Lessons
  • Yoga – Additional fee
  • Spa – Additional fee
  • Other amazing daily activities that will help us understand better the Five Elements


Not Included in retreat fees:

Accommodations, dinners, snacks, transportation, and other activities are separate.

Housing space is limited. Early registration is strongly advised.


Teaching Fees

Early Registration, April 7, 2018  –  $ 650.00

Normal Registration, After April 7, 2018  –  $ 850.00

A 50% deposit of $425.00 to hold your spot at this retreat and allow for booking your hotel room.   Please note, early registration fee does not apply for deposit.



The rooms have been blocked at Amor de Mar, once you have placed your deposit or fee for this teaching, you will automatically receive a reservation form.  Complete the form and send it to Amor de Mar or you can contact them directly.

You will be asked to give a credit card to hold your room.   Your room will not be charged until 30 days before your arrival.  No refunds within 30 days of your arrival. 

Rooms will not be held, unless you have registered for the teaching.

This is a small hotel on a beautiful and spacious resort with so much to offer.  But…. if you would like to stay at this resort during this teaching with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, we strongly advise you to register as soon as possible.

Rooms are available for single, double and shared rooms.

Once the hotel and villas are booked, Amor de Mar will direct us to a local hotel in the area.


Retreat Refund
Your retreat fee is refundable, less a $75.00 processing fee, if your reservation is cancelled by December 10, 2019, 50% refundable before January 15, 2019.  No refunds January 15, 2019.   If you cancel after January 15, 2019, we will apply your payment to another Yeru teaching held within one year.


Hotel Refund
The Amor de Mar hotel will hold your room with your credit card.  They will not charge your card until 30 days before your arrival.  Once your card has been charged, there is no refund.


Amor de Mar Resort
Feel free to visit their website http://www.amordemar.com for more information about this beautiful resort and how to travel to the resort.

The teaching begins on February 24 – 28, 2019    But…….  Ori suggests, depending on what time you arrive, you may have to stay at a local hotel near the airport.  Travel to Montezuma, the next morning.   Please plan to arrive at the Amor de Mar Resort by February 23, 2019.      The retreat starts on the morning of the 24th.

So much to do and enjoy.  There is a spa on the resort by the ocean, take advantage of this and all Amor de Mar has to offer.



We ask you give a gratuity to the kitchen staff.

Amor de Mar has Wi-FI, and a restaurant with fresh organic foods that serves breakfast and lunch.   Dinner is available in town.


Rooms are limited.  Once they are sold out, there are options for hotels close by.   Registrations have begun, so rooms have been reserved.


First Floor

Room 7          RESERVED

Room 8          120.00 a night plus 13% tax   One to two persons.  Third person is $15.                  Per night. One double bed, one queen, Private Bathroom, Ocean View, small refrigerator,

Room 9         RESERVED


Second Floor

Room 1
$130 a night plus 13% tax (one – two person)
One queen bed, Ocean View, Private Bathroom, Small Fridge, Private  Balcony.

Room 2
$90 a night plus 13% tax   One to two persons
Queen Bed, private bathroom,

Room 3
$90 a night plus 13% tax   One to three persons per room
One double bed, one single bed, private bathroom

Room 4
$150.00 a night plus 13% tax
Two queen beds, private bathroom, private balcony, ocean view

Room 5      RESERVED

Room 6
One Queen and two single beds (bunk beds)  $120 plus 13% tax
You can divide the fees with others staying in the same room.

Villa Casa Sol   RESERVED

Villa Casa Luna  $60.00 a night
Two Single Rooms

One Double    RESERVED




February 24, 2019
February 28, 2019

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