Giving Tuesday – BCH Health & Sanitation Repairs

Yeru Bon Center is a proud sponsor of The Bon Children’s Home. Located in Dolanji, India, The Bon Children’s Home provides housing, food, clothing, and education to about 175 Tibetan children, aged 5 – 18. Working with the local Indian public school, the children are able to receive a high school education. The children work hard, do well in school, and many go on to college or technical school.

Children-at-home-1-350x350Most of these children are orphans or come from poor rural areas that don’t have schools. Without the Bon Children’s Home, they would not be able to break the cycle of rural poverty.

One of the main issues facing the Bon Children’s Home is a sanitary, healthy environment. Dormitories need new plumbing and repairs to the bathrooms. The kitchen needs sanitation upgrades.

The children need medical attention. There is a dispensary at the Bon Children’s Home, but the nurse who used to provide vaccinations and basic healthcare has left, and no replacement has been found. There is a hospital in the nearby (15 miles) town, but the conditions are unsanitary by Western standards.

Boys-leakage-Seweage-PipeYeru Bon Center is collecting an international team of volunteer doctors and medical workers to make regular visits to the Bon Children’s Home. They will provide medical assessments, vaccinations and basic health care. Yeru is also collecting a team of multi-national construction volunteers to repair and upgrade the physical facility. The first trips of these teams are scheduled for Spring 2018.

This work requires funding. The medical team requires portable medical equipment, vaccines, medicines and first aid supplies. The construction team requires materials and tools. The individuals are volunteers and will pay their own transportation to and from Dolanji, but we need money to provide food and lodging for them on-site, as well as needed equipment and supplies.

Yeru Bon Center is a 501c3 charitable organization. Your donations are deductible as allowed by law.

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