Lungtok_Tenpei_NyimaLatri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s Dedicated Teaching and Long Life Prayer for His Holiness, 33rd sMenri Trizin

He asks we join all of the monks and Bön practitioners from around the world in reciting the Long Life Prayers for His Holiness, 33rd sMenri Trizin Rinpoche

You know that His Holiness the 33rd sMenri  Trizin is facing some  health issues, and that I am going to sMenri Monastery to serve him.  Throughout the Bon world, in Tibet, India, Nepal and other countries, hundreds of Bon monks are performing Tsok rituals and prayers for the health and long life of His Holiness.  While I am gone, I would like to ask all of you to join these monks in praying for the health and long life of His Holiness.

There are two ways that we can pray for His Holiness’s health and long life. You can do either way, or both, as you choose.



The first way is to do the Long Life Prayer and mantra of Tsewa Ringzin, this mantra is:

So Trum A Kar Mu La Ting Nam Oed Du Mu Ye Tse Nyi Dza



Tsewa Ringzin


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Long Life Prayer of Tsewa Ringzin Instruction


The second way is to pray the Supplication Prayer for Long Life for His Holiness. This prayer is part of the common Daily Prayers. It is:

Rab jam chog chu gyal wa se che ki
Chen tse ye she ngo wo chik du pi
Zab gye shen ten pel wi trin le chen
Lung tok ten pa’I nyi ma tag char shog




Rinpoche’s letter. Click to enlarge

Please do these prayers as many times as possible, to accumulate the benefit of the prayers for His Holiness. Dedicate the merit of your prayers for the benefit of His Holiness.

Another way to benefit His Holiness is to save lives.  You can release fish or birds, and save animals from being killed in other ways.  Dedicate the merit of saving these lives for the benefit of His Holiness.

Those of you who are in a Bon Sangha, please meet as a Sangha if possible to do these prayers.  If you cannot pray as a Sangha, please do these prayers individually or with one or two others.

Please keep a record of how many times you do these prayers.  For those praying in a Sangha, I ask the leader of each Sangha to report to me with the total number of the prayers the Sangha has done.  For those praying individually, please report to me with your number of prayers. You can contact me by email at   I will then inform His Holiness about the number of prayers you have all done.

I thank you for the care and devotion you have shown to His Holiness, and for your prayers for his health and long life.



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