Letter from BCH – 10/05/15 – Teacher Day!

Hi! Here I am sending you some of the photo which was taken yesterday (04/09/2015) during the celebration of ‘Teacher Day’ in our School, Central School for Tibetan, Dolanji. All over India, Teacher Day is celebrated in the memory of one of the greatest scholars of India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrisnan,

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Tempa Lama Teaches Sidpa Gyalmo

We recently had Tempa Lama visit Yeru Bön Center! Tampa Lama is the teacher at Olmo Ling in Pittsburgh. Tampa Lama taught a powerful and engaging teaching about the Healing Practice of Sidpa Gyalmo. In this teaching, the Loving Mother is in her wrathful form as Sidpa Gyalmo, and is

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Reporter Follows Rinpoche in Nepal

Rinpoche is currently helping communities struck by the earthquake in Nepal, working with the Yeru Relief Project. A reporter from Setopati, Nepal’s Digital Newspaper, interviewed him. Consider donating so that Yeru can continue to provide support to the Nepali people.  

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Please Donate to Nepal Relief Fund

Funds will be used to provide help for the victims of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal. READ RINPOCHE’S MAY 1st LETTER. At this point, it has been difficult to assess the extent of the damage, and reports have varied depending on who we speak to. But it is clear

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Ocean of Milk Ceremony in Minneapolis

This past weekend, Yeru Bön Center was fortunate enough to host Geshe Nyima Kunchap, who performed the Ocean of Milk Ceremony. He also gave the teaching transmission for practitioners in attendance to perform this ceremony. This was an amazing ritual that called in the King of Lu, Tsugna Rinchen, to

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The Door to Bön

Yeru Bön Center is proud to announce The Door to Bön, its new media website for all things Bön.     The Door To Bön’s mission is to bring the ancient teachings of Tibetan Yungdrung Bön to all who are interested in this authentic Tibetan spiritual tradition.   Yungdrung Bön

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