December 21, 2014

Dear Board members of Yeru Bön Center, my students and friends.

We are at the doorstep of a New Year, 2015. We welcome it warmly and happily and at the same time prepare farewell parties for the outgoing year of 2014 with thanks and appreciation.

This 2014 year has been generous and kind. We all have so many good things to remember and joy that stays with us to cherish.

I have been traveling so much in this year and have had great opportunities to guide and help with eternal teachings of Bön. I have seen the benefits of Bön to a lot of people and at the same time I learned so much from so many different people during my travels.

The love, respect and support I received not only to me, but to the projects and children of BCH has helped to make a differences in the life of many helpless children to become someone with dignity and education.

I take all this as my achievement of the year by looking positively, this all happened because of your love, generosity and the trust you have with me.

I pray to all for your health and happiness in my every day prayer. I dedicate all good deeds, that we may have accumulate collectively to benefit all beings, world peace and may this new year of 2015 bring joy and happiness to all.

On behalf of all children and staff members of BCH family, we wish everyone a Happy Holiday and New Year.

With blessing,

Yours Nyima Rinpoche.


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