2022 End Of Year Gift Giving Campaign!

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In years past Yeru Bön Center has been blessed with our “End of Year Gift Giving Campaigns”, enabling us to help the children at the Bön Children’s Home.

Our “End Of Year ~ Gift Giving Campaign” is mainly set up to help the Bön Children’s Home, with their daily living needs. “Further Education Scholarship programs”, Facility Repairs.

But past donations were designated to Rinpoche’s needs, and the Yeru General Fund.

Who would have thought, last year we would be opening our hearts to help our Ukrainian Brothers and Sisters?

Every year, we discuss how Bon Centers around the world survive on primarily gifts and donations.

We understand funds are tight everywhere, but we are truly grateful for any funds we receive so we can help Rinpoche with his Bon Children’s Home projects, his teachings, and the costs of being a center.

Donation Contribution


Our 2022 Year End Gift Giving Campaign!

This year we begin our End of Year Gift Giving Campaign, October 6th.

We wish we could wave our hands and all the needs of the Bon Children’s Home would be solved.

The reality is that the economic consequences from the pandemic have meant sponsorships are low—but the needs of the children have grown. The BCH works very hard to be sure the children are healthy and are receiving decent meals and a proper place to rest their heads at night.

We have been working for several years to raise funds to take care of the BCH facility, but we know giving funds have been difficult. One of board members, Dr. Bernadette, was just at the BCH facility in September, and Dr. Bernadette old us the facility is in real trouble. We need to find a way to make many, many repairs. The retaining wall did not get better on its own and needs the help right away.

Updated computer systems are needed for the children to be able to do their research and homework.

Without funds, it has been difficult to take care of the staff at the Bön Children’s Home.

But Think about this, “We Can Do This!. We can do this together! Small, medium, large donations add up and we can make a difference.

Starting now, we open our end of year Gift Giving campaign, which runs until December 20th, 2022.

We have layed out several options for you to consider.

We Can Do This Together!


Thangka Raffle

We have been given several Thangkas to Raffle off:

Yeshe Walmo

Sidpa Gyalmo

Red Garuda

Sherab Chamma

Tsewang Rigzin

Minimum Raffle ticket is $20.00. Each $20 gets you one raffle ticket. At the end of the month, a single ticket will be drawn for each thangka. While you may not win, you’ll know you’ve supported a great cause: Bon Children’s Home.

This is a perfect way to try for your Thangka of choice and to help the children at BCH. Good Luck!

Thangka Raffle ends October 30th. Winners will be announced November 1st.

Thankgkas Raffle Ticket


For the month of October, all profits from the sales from our Door To Bon site will be designated to the Bon Children’s Home.

New Items have been added and will continue to be added through the month.

We have donations arriving and asked to place them on the Door To Bon site to help the Children at the Bon Children’s Home.

  • Altar Items
  • Carpets
  • Altar cloths
  • Online courses
  • Videos
  • Books and more
Visit Door to Bön


Matching Grants

Last year we had two beautiful Matching Grant Donors.

This year they have generously agreed to help the Children at the Bon Children’s Home.

If you can offer your gift/donations by October 20th, your gift will be matched up to $10,000.00.

So, imagine seeing your gift doubled.

We ask you to please open your hearts with love and compassion.

Please Help



A surprise visit from past BCH Children

We were so happy past Bon Children’s Home children traveled through to see Rinpoche in Lubrac. David remembered the children as he has been working with BCH since 1996.

Each student from the Pilgrimage made it a point to say how happy they were to see adult children from BCH. They were making a mark in the world. They all mentioned, if it were not for the BCH and the generous donors and supporters, they are not sure where they would be. Their gratitude is still immeasurable.

Read about the Experience



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