2023 Annual Bum Tsog
April 24th – May 1st, 2023

Hello to my Students, Bon Practitioners, and friends.

Yesterday, I received the following information from the treasury of sMenri Monastery, and I’d like to let all of my students and all Bon devotees know, per His Holiness, the 34th sMenri Trizin Rinpoche’s advice, that sMenri is making 100,000 Sidpa Gyalmo Tsog offering as one of the annual offerings for world peace in general, and for all sentient beings so that life may be lived smoothly for everyone on earth.

We humbly request that everyone support the monastery and to personally be a part of this offering by sponsoring specific days, meals, etc.

Choose to sponsor a specific portion, such as a meal or offering materials, or offer any amount you feel comfortable with. Whatever the amount, donate with open heart and pure motivation.

When you donate, please leave your name and those of your loved ones who are sick or who have passed. You can dedicate this merit to your loved ones. Those who are not with us may still be helped by dedication or dedicate for your own business, health, or whoever you wish to benefit, and they will be remembered in their prayers and offerings of Tsog to Sidpa Gylamo.

When you make a sponsor or donation make sure to specify your purpose, and the meal you are sponsoring. Then, Yeru Bon Center will send your name and the monastery will pray, bless and dedicate your donation and sponsorship during their offerings.

The total for each day of the Tsog is ~88,000 Rs., which equates to ~$1,070.08 USD. The ceremony will last for 7 days. You can see how the expenses break down in the images below.

Please consider a donation of any amount with an open heart and pure motivation. Please enter who you are dedicating it for, and if you are sponsoring a specific meal or day, please specify in the “Note” section as you go through PayPal.

Thank you.
Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche



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