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We are so happy with all of our teachings we were able to bring to Bönpo students from all over the world. We loved having students join us from here within the United States and other countries who returned to be a part of Rinpoche’s and our
visiting monks teachings and Retreats.

It is with bitter sweet emotions that Rinpoche will be leaving the United States the end of February, but we are so happy he returns to our sister Sangha Shardza Ling in Poland, ShenChen Ling in Belarus, Gyerpung Drubdhe in Ukraine, Yeru Canada to teach more of Bön’s beautiful teachings.

Rinpoche then returns back to sMenri Monastery in April, continues his work with the Bön Children’s Home and to hopefully start the plumbing repairs and to get the Boys back into their newly repaired Dormitories.

During Rinpoche’s time here, we finalized plans for the Yeru Retreat Center. The formal Temple was designed and we start building the Temple and work towards completion by the end of July.

We put our plans together for a Stupa, dedicated to His Holiness, the 33rd sMenri Trizin and we are happy the Bön Monastic Center will contribute more ashes and special items for the Stupa. We also finalized plans for Rinpoche’s return in September and excited to present the retreats and plans for the teachings of Bon.

Watch a message from Rinpoche here.

Bonpo News:

* New sMenri Trizin – We are so happy for sMenri Monastery as they enthrone the 34th sMenri Trizin on February 20th, 2018. This is such a special day for the world wide Bon Community. This is also the day of Yeru Bon Center’s 5th annual Global Prayer and what a blessing to have all of this on the same day.

* Yeru Retreat Center begins building it’s temple – We feel blessed to have a Bonpo design our temple and our Tibetan Community of contractors building this amazing building. Facing Garuda Lake, accommodates 200 people, blends into the natural environment of the forest. This building is due for completion by August 2018.

* Stupa – We have two Stupas, One as a formal Stupa dedicated to His Holiness as he was aware of Yeru Retreat center and had advised Rinpoche on directions for a strong program for Bön.


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