Founder & Spiritual Director of Yeru Bön Center

Hello to everyone,

I have completed my 2013-2014 US trip and I am now back safely in India.

It was a busy and wonderful time, I was able to teach on behalf of Yeru Bon Center in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Fe, Tucson, San Francisco, New York, and Pittsburgh.

We completed our new Yeru Bon Center in Minneapolis, I was able to consecrate our new Yeru Bon Center and have our opening teaching there. It was wonderful to have my family, from Chicago, join me for the opening teachings at our new center in Minneapolis.

I have established a board for Yeru Bon Center. We have been working together to establish a strong program for Yeru Minneapolis, Yeru Los Angeles and Yeru San Diego. The board’s focus will be to promote Bon, its traditions and meditation practices, both with the spiritual community and working within the medical community to share the wisdom of our meditation practices and their benefits.

We held our first Yeru Bon Center 24 hour global prayer event with over 2000 people participating from around the world. This was an exceptional day with so many Bon and non-Bon people participating.

On this trip I met with my students, friends, met new students, made new friends and met old Tibetan friends I had lost contact with.

For being a very busy trip, it was filled with auspicious blessings! Many thanks to all of you who made it so successful, and who understood the needs of Yeru Bon Center.




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