Announcement to all Bon Devotees,

The Head Crown of the Shen lineage of Yungdrung Bon, His Eminence Shensé Norbu Wangyal Rinpoche, took enlightenment on the third of February, 2022, in order to show the meaning of impermanence.  He has chosen to leave his physical body and to continue to serve and liberate sentient beings. We hope that many of you by now are aware of this situation. The dates and location for the audience of his holy body and for his cremation are uncertain. As soon as we receive permission from the authorities, we will follow as appropriate, and we will inform you.

Please do not create rumors or follow untrustworthy messages on social media. Please wait until we announce officially from the Shen Palace in Lhasa.

Lhasa, Shen Palace
February 7, 2022




gyalwa shen rab tongsum dulwé ku
You have the body of Gyalwa Shenrap who tamed the three thousand-fold universe.
dung jin yung wang drang ngé mawé sung
You have the genuine, speech of the descendants of Yung Wang.
la chen drenpa khyen maché pul chin tuk
You have the perfected mind of wisdom and compassion of Lachen Drenpa.
shen sé wanggyal zhab la solwa deb
I supplicate and pray to Shensé Wangyal!

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