A Teaching Given to us by the His Eminence, The 7th Kundrol Namkha Thinley Wangyal Rinpoche

His Eminence Kundrol Namka Wangyal Rinpoche is the seventh reincarnation of the tantric master, Kundrol Jatson Nyingpo of Tibet. He visited Yeru Bön Center in Minneapolis last weekend to give us the immensely important teachings of Bön Ngöndro.

This teaching was great for us here in Minneapolis, as we are a new Bön community, and had yet to hear the preliminary teachings here at the Minneapolis center.

Because this is a new center with new arrivals, His Eminence began the teaching by making a couple clarifying remarks about Yungdrung Bön and its relation to Tibetan Buddhism. Specifically, that it is not important to worry about such distinctions— though he did clarify the difference between Yungdrung Bön and other spiritual groups that share the name Bön. The teaching outlined the preliminary teachings including cause and effect, the preciousness of a human rebirth, and impermanence. Kundrol Rinpoche made special point of focusing on the importance of taking refuge in the three jewels and of regular meditation practice. He also gave powerful anecdotes relating to soul retrieval and explained how best to work with teachers in the West.

His Eminence told me that we mustn’t think of Ngöndro as something to be “accomplished” as if we were buying something from the store. Even if we understand this conceptually, it can be difficult to escape this way of thinking. When there are traditionally 900,000 prayers to be said, we think about accomplishing this goal and moving on, rather than simply being in the moment and practicing for ourselves and all sentient beings.

Thank you, Rinpoche, for this wonderful teaching. I also want to make sure to thank Rinpoche’s translators, Takla and Chime, and everyone else who helped make the teaching a success.

Thank you also to everyone that attended, as well as everyone that signed up and participated through the live stream.

Beginning this Tuesday, Feburary 10, 2015, Yeru Bön Center in Minneapolis will hold practice sessions on Ngöndro.  Chime Rhatsa, a former monk and translator of the A-Tri Ngondro, will help us with the practical aspects and practice of Ngöndro. This is expected to be a series of several Tuesday nights. More details will come but all will be welcome to attend.

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