The Inner Mirror: A-tri Dzogchen

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche and the board of Yeru Bön Center are excited to announce the upcoming publication of The Inner Mirror: A-tri Dzogchen. 

A limited number of signed and numbered copies are available from Dream Abbey.

This book is based on several Dzogchen texts, particularly the text, Fifteen Sessions of A-tri Dzogchen. Rinpoche gave these teachings and commentaries to his students over the course of several years in several different locations, including Shardza Ling in Poznan, Poland; Shenchen Ling in Minsk, Byelorus; and Yeru Bön Center in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. Rinpoche gave these lectures in English, and these lessons were transcribed by devoted students. 

The A-tri system of Dzogchen is one of the three main transmissions of Dzogchen in the Yundrung Bön tradition. Dzogchen (The Great Perfection) teaches us to discover, and continue within, the non-dual, primordial, natural state of mind.

Rinpoche begins by taking us through detailed descriptions of the preliminary practices of ngondro. These include meditating on impermanence, generating the mind of enlightenment, taking refuge, making mandala offerings, and practicing lamé naljor (guru yoga). 

Next, Rinpoche leads us through the actual meditation practices of ngozhi, which includes the ability to recognize our mind, concentrate in meditation with and without the support of material objects, as well as other visualization and breathing practices, before ultimately leading us to meditate on the natural state of mind.

Once the Nature of Mind is pointed out, Rinpoche takes us through je kyi chawa, achieving liberations as the accomplishment of our practice. This includes learning dream practices, integrating external phenomena and inner appearances into the practice, and much more.

This is a necessary book for all students of Bön or Dzogchen. It is a funny, inspiring, and clear transmission that deftly points out reader’s own natural state of mind.

Many students were able to learn about Bön from Rinpoche’s previous book, Opening the Door to Bön. The Inner Mirror will allow these students to deepen their knowledge and experience of Bön practice.

Many years of time and effort went into creating this book. It was written in many places during Rinpoche’s travels to teach Bön to students in the West. Many people have also been instrumental in helping with this book. Without their inspiration and continued support, this book would not have become a reality. 

Specifically, we would like to mention and thank Rinpoche’s center in Poland and the Audio Committee of Sharza Ling Institute for recording several years of teaching of the Fifteen Sessions of A-tri Dzogchen, on which this book is based. Also, thanks to Rinpoche’s student from Ukraine, Maya Samara, who transcribed the recordings to make the first transcription of this book. Her pure dedication and hard work created a genuine and meaningful contribution to this book. Thanks go to Eleanor Capanegro, Rinpoche’s student in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for her help with the artwork for this book. Thanks to Rinpoche’s student Nick Tichawa, the current umdze of Yeru Bön Center, for all his time and assistance, particularly with the final proofing and assembly of the book. Thanks to Rinpoche’s long-time serious student, David Peteler, who helped with editing and proofing this book and providing suggestions to make this book even more valuable. He and his wife Deborah Peteler provided much encouragement, overseeing the completion of this book.

Congratulations to Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche on this book release, and thank you to everyone for your love and support.

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