December 27, 2021

Every year, Yeru Bon Center sponsors a Christmas Day event for the children at the Bön Children’s Home.

A special meal, a day of laughter and fun. Singing Christmas songs and learning about the meaning of Christmas.

This year, having Latri Nyima Dakpa with the children was even more special.  It has been five years since Rinpoche has been with them at Christmas, and over two years since his heart surgery.   There are younger children who had never met Rinpoche.   Yes, they were aware of Rinpoche because he was always talked about,  and they prayed for his health and for his hard work hard teaching students Bon.  So having Rinpoche there in person has great meaning for the children.

Rinpoche mentioned to us how happy was to be with the children, how they have grown, and how he can see how they are so devoted to their education. They have become cohesive, like a very large family, BCH Brothers and Sisters.

Yes, the children are Bon practitioners and not Christians, but Christmas is for the children a day of love and sharing.  They enjoy the Christmas holiday, much like many of us participate in celebrating Tibetan Losar and other Tibetan Holidays.  They don’t get big Christmas gifts under a tree.  But they feel the magic of Christmas, because of their compassion, gratitude and joy.

We have assembled some of the images and videos sent to us. We want to share them with everyone in hopes you will see the light in their eyes, the hopes, the compassion and the gratitude they have for all the support they receive.

They are happy that they can continue their education. They are able to continue their Bon traditions. They receive food, clothing, shelter, and a home filled with genuine care and love by the staff at BCH.

We know life has been difficult for everyone during these past years and we thank all sponsors and supporters who were able to be a part of helping the children at the Bon Children’s Home.

This is the end of the year, at time of giving during the holiday season. The Bon Children’s Home is very short on sponsorships for a child, Further Education and help with repairs for their facility. If you can, please consider sponsoring a child or contributing in other ways.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and best wishes for a beautiful New Year.


David Peteler,

President, Yeru Bon Center

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