David goes to sMenri Monastery (Part 7)

After lunch, I asked Rinpoche to arrange a meeting with six of the senior children of BCH. We had hoped to be able to do a Skype live session with the children, so the sponsors could interact with the children, but partly because of the internet problems, and partly because the event would have taken place about 4AM Eastern time, we decided to forego Skype and video record the session instead.

Nyima Rinpoche chose six seniors, the boys’ and girls’ captain and vice captains and two others. These seniors were understandably nervous but warmed up quickly. They told us about themselves, their backgrounds, where they had come from, and what they hoped to do in the future. They were all polite and well-spoken, after the initial shyness, and especially when you consider they learned English in school and don’t have much chance to use it.

Several of them came from very rural parts of Nepal, where there is no school. Many of them were the only child of a family of four or six children who had the opportunity to go to school. One girl wants to be a nurse; one boy wants to go back to Nepal and work in the international tourism industry; another girl wants to be an accountant; yet another girl wants to be a journalist. They were enthusiastic about their futures. They asked Jason about education in the US, and he related stories about high school in Los Angeles.

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