To all my dear students and Bon friends,

The 30th of October of the Tibetan calendar is the anniversary of Sangye Tönpa Shenrab’s attaining the state of enlightenment. This year, the anniversary occurs on December 14 in the Western calendar. December in the Tibetan calendar is a holy month, in which any virtuous deeds you do or inspire others to do to accumulate merit are multiplied.

I recommend to all my students to pray and accumulate recitations of the “Dhu Tri Su” prior to December 14.

On that day, at 5:00 pm Central time, I will make a large “Kar Sur” (White Sur) offering and dedicate it for all beings, and especially those who suffer from COVID-19, whether they suffer from COVID themselves or have lost their loved ones to COVID. Practitioners are welcome to do their own sur at their own place. Otherwise, the Yeru Sur will be for all practitioners who join the ceremony on Zoom.

Please let me know how many recitations you have accumulated. [Click the button below to add your accumulations.]

We will all dedicate and pray that all merits for the benefits of all sentient beings, and the world to attain peace and to overcome the crisis of Covid-19.

I hope that you will join with me and will do something good for others, which is in our capacity to do.

With thanks to you in advance and prayers to all.

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche


You can download a PDF of DU TRI SU (and the other Essences of Bön) from the Learn and Practice page. There is also audio of Rinpoche chanting these Essences.

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The Anniversary of Sangye Tönpa Shenrab’s Enlightenment
December 14, 2020 at 5:00 PM
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The Kar Sur text can also be found on the Learn and Practice page listed as “Sur Ngo.”


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