Donate to the Bön Children’s Home

Please help the children at BCH.

280 children – girls and boys – are accommodated and provided for by the Bön Children’s Home (BCH), a non-profit organization for Tibetan refugees and orphans officially registered under the Indian Government. A major part of Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s and Yeru Bön Center’s mission is to raise funds for BCH.

The kids at BCH need your help. To donate, select one of the buttons below.

Yeru Bön Center Donations

General Fund

Even a spiritual organization must operate in the material world. Yeru Bön Center needs funds to cover the overhead of its center in Minneapolis, travel and living expenses for our Spiritual Director, and the many other things required to keep the Yeru Bön Center open and functioning. Yeru Bon Center is fortunate to have members of its Tsogme who pay for certain teaching and other events, but these amounts are not sufficient to cover all the operating costs and expenses.

Your donation to the Yeru Bön Center helps us remain viable and self-sustaining.

Yeru Bon Center is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations are deductible as allowed by law.

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Offering Bülwa

Personal Offerings to Rinpoche

It is traditional in Bön teachings to offer the lama a personal offering of a katak scarf and donation as a form of thanks for the Rinpoche’s time, effort, and wisdom for advice or teachings. During this pandemic, while in-person retreats are not possible, you may optionally give a bülwa offering this way.

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Other Funds

Yeru’s main fund for Bön Children’s Home

This fund helps pay for all of the most pressing needs in the home. 280 children – girls and boys – are today accommodated and provided for by the Bön Children’s Home (BCH), a non-profit organization for Tibetan refugees and orphans officially registered under the Indian Government.

In the mountains of North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, these children, ages 3 to 20, have found much more than a place to live; they have found a new home. Many of the children here have lost their families. Either their relatives or their parents have sent them all the way from Tibet, Nepal, or Bhutan to BCH in India. All parties involved often face great challenges in making the transition to BCH. Consider a general donation to BCH by clicking the button below.


Retreat Center Temple

We invite you to be a part of our growth, benefiting all Bonpos worldwide.

We are so excited as the plans for our temple are in its final working design. We feel so fortunate to have a devoted Bonpo architect design an amazing temple which will blend into the natural resources of Yeru Retreat Center which is zoned as a protected lake and area. It is being designed to house approximately 200 people, including a formal altar and throne. Overlooking Garuda Lake and nestled within the forest, Yeru Retreat Center has been designed to welcome all visitors to enjoy the natural wilderness. We are home to eagles, foxes, loons, deer, and tons of other wildlife. Hours from Minneapolis and accessible by three airports. Learn more about Yeru Retreat Center here.

 Select one of the donation levels below to be a part of this new temple’s construction.


All Donors
Receive their name on the decking mandala

Bronze Level

$1.00 – $200.00
Receive a 20% discount on any teaching

Silver Level

$500.00 – $1000.00
Receive 50% discount on a teaching and housing

Gold Level

Receive free housing and 50% discount on teachings

Compassion Level

Receive free housing, free teachings, personal retreats, and seating in Compassion Section for all events

Rinpoche’s Home in India

His current home is unlivable. We are asking for help.


Sponsor a BCH Child

The children at BCH are in need of help

The children at BCH are in need of help. Caring for and supporting the growth of these children requires the support of donors. You can help by sponsoring one or more children at the Bön Children’s Home. Your sponsorship helps with housing, clothing, meals and other essential needs. All children are equally important to BCH.

The cost of feeding and housing each child is just $450 a year. $37.50 a month. Please consider sponsoring a child for this amount or contribute what you can. You will receive the name and information of your child within two weeks of giving a donation. All donors that sponsor a child will receive a photo of your child and several letters throughout the year from your sponsored child.

Annual Child Sponsorship – $450/yr

Monthly Child Sponsorship – $37.50/mo

BCH Further Education

Send the children of BCH on to further education

In the last couple of years many children from Bon Children’s Home, Dolanji (BCH) have graduated from their 12 grades of basic schooling. They now look ahead to continue their further study under BCH Scholarship program in different colleges, so that they may enter professional fields such as Nursing. Most of the children who pass their school education belong to poor families and live under poverty. It’s not possible for their parents to support them to continue their further study in college and other professional courses. There only is BCH, who has supported them throughout their school education and is still willing to support them.

As you all know, Bon Children’s Home, Dolanji (BCH) is a non-profit institution provides all the basic facilities mainly to poor and needy children during their whole study period. These children received solid education, in an environment that recognizes and preserve their rich culture heritage. But this institution is depending on charitable donations for helping provide scholarships to our graduates. Please consider donating today.