January 30, 2022 8:30 am — February 4, 2022 11:30 am

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Note: Rinpoche is not able attend in person due to COVID lockdown. There will still be a teaching from Rinpoche over Zoom, and you are still able to attend, practice, have private retreat time, and enjoy the Costa Rica experience.


A Yogic Style of Teaching

Taught by Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche


Is your heart open to receive a mystery teaching?

January 30th – February 4th


You must come with true trust, genuine motivation, and an open heart of infinite space to receive the Yogic Style teaching – taking as it is and building inner self connections to gain true authentic experience.

– Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche


The Way of Bön Learning

For centuries, if you didn’t live in a village that had a Bön monastery or a Bön lama, you would have to travel to a Bön master to learn Bön teachings. Travelling by foot or horse, perhaps for days, you’d go to the place where the lama lived. When you arrived, the lama might be there, or might be gone for some time, and you’d wait for the lama’s return. When you met the lama, you would respectfully ask for teachings. The lama would then decide whether or not to give a teaching based on your true intentions. The lama would teach you what he thought you needed to learn. You would accept that teaching and treasure it as a great gift, and take it as a blessing that you were in the presence of a master and received a teaching.

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche has told us that in his lifetime, before sMenri Monastery had a telephone, people would come to the monastery for teachings. There was no pre-planning or set curriculum. His Holiness the 33rd sMenri Trizin, or perhaps another senior monk, would offer a teaching. The students listened and learned. They were flexible, open hearted, open minded and allowed the teaching to be received within them. They were filled with the power and energy of the Bön teaching. They trusted the masters and they knew they received a special blessing from what was taught by the Bön master. This was the traditional practice of learning.

Today, with cell phones and internet, lamas have centers around the world. The centers announce by social media when, and what, the lama will teach. We can choose to attend virtual teachings from any lama we choose, on any subject we choose. We can say, “Oh, I already took Chamma from Geshe A, so I don’t want to listen to Geshe B’s course on Chamma. Instead, I’ll listen to Geshe C’s course on The Five Elements.” Lucky us, right?

But something is lost in the process.

There is a specialness in resolving to take a trip to visit the lama in person. There is a specialness in the lama meeting you, discerning if your heart is true, and deciding what teaching is right for you at that time. This “old” way requires that the student have firm resolve to receive the teachings, trust in the lama, and faith that he or she will receive teachings and blessings.

We at Yeru Bön Center join with other students and practitioners in believing in the power of faith, trust, openness, and the specialness of being in the presence of a Bön master. We would like to make this experience available to students who feel the same.

If your heart is open, filled with trust, warm heartedness, trust in the teachings of Bön and ready to receive a profound Bön teaching, then please join us.

Rinpoche’s Teaching in Costa Rica, January 29 – February 5, 2022

You are invited to join Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche for a special Yogic Way Of Teaching in Montezuma Costa Rica January 29th to February 5th, 2022.

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s teaching will be a mystery until we arrive. Rinpoche has said the teaching he will give to us will be special and suited to us. If you are an experienced practitioner, it will be a beautiful, powerful and a necessary addition to all of our teachings we have learned. If you are a new student, it will be a beautiful beginning for you as you are entering the Bön path.

Sounds spiritual, right? Belief, trust, faith, openness, and flexibility. Trust in our spiritual master, trust in the teachings of Bön and trust within yourself to receive these special gifts of healing, connection with ourselves.
This will be a Yogic style teaching with no boundaries, protocols, free and open style of teaching. The idea is to re-create the context of centuries ago, where the student met with a Bön master, with faith and trust that the master will give a teaching the student needs in their daily life and to move forward on their spiritual path.

During this teaching, you will have time to meet with Rinpoche, ask questions and to discuss your spiritual path. Students will have time to contemplate what they are learning. As an added benefit, students will enjoy the energy, the power and beauty of the ocean, the jungle and the feel of coming to life internally.

The Plan

Students are asked to arrive in Montezuma, Costa Rica, no later than January 29th. The retreat will begin on January 30th and will end on February 4th.

Venue ~ Amor De Mar

This retreat will be held at Amor De Mar in Montezuma Costa Rica, a place which has hosted previous teachings of Rinpoche.

Amor De Mar holds the exquisite energy of all of the natural elements, the spectacular sunrises, the beauty of the ocean and the jungle, and a special energy.

Mixing the beauty and energy of this place with the teaching of Rinpoche is the perfect blend for our physical well-being and spiritual path.


Rooms are reserved for you when you register for this retreat. On registration you will receive a form to complete for your hotel reservation at the Amor De Mar hotel. Compete the form and email it to Amor de Mar. They will contact you to finalize your room reservation.

Visit their website at info@amordemar.com to view room options.

Your room will not be charged until November, 2021.

This is a small boutique hotel. There is a villa, single hotel rooms, double occupancy rooms, and rooms with multiple beds.

This hotel is reserved exclusively for our retreat. In the past it has sold out quickly, so we recommend you register as soon as you have decided to be a part of this special retreat.

Rooms cannot be reserved at Amor de Mar until you have registered for the retreat.

You can ask to share a room with someone – Amor De Mar will help you with this.

If the hotel is sold out, no worries. There are two hotels an easy walk across the street from Amor de Mar where you can reserve your hotel room.

Los Mangos Hotel: https://www.hotellosmangoes.com
Las Cascada Hotel: http://lacascadamontezuma.com


Dining in Costa Rica is a wonderful experience! Meals are not included in the price of the retreat, so you have flexibility.

Amor de Mar has a restaurant that serves organic, healthy and beautiful breakfast and Lunch. Meals are prepared by two amazing local chefs, using local organic foods.

Their Buffet setup is amazing with so much to offer and to include coffee, tea fresh juices.
But you are welcome to eat at any of the local restaurants within walking distance.


Yes, travelling to Montezuma will be a lot easier than centuries ago where you traveled by foot or horse to the monastery or to meet with a Tibetan Bön master.
International flights arrive in San Jose or Liberia. From either San Jose or Liberia, you have choices as to how to get to Montezuma. Small planes, ferry, bus and car / van shuttle service is available. Be sure to plan and reserve in advance.

You will not need a car during your time in Montezuma. The village is a short walk from the hotels.
Amor de Mar will help all our guests with their travel plans from San Jose or Liberia to Montezuma.

Covid19: We pray the COVID-19 pandemic will subside and we will not have to worry about it. Even if COVID-19 has not subsided, the international airlines and Costa Rica have implemented health measures. The hotels, stores and restaurants all have hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer as you enter. Mask protocols are observed. Two of the Yeru Board Members visited Costa Rica in early February and felt quite safe with the precautions in place. During the retreat, there is enough room to space people at a proper social distance, and masks can be worn.

A Personal Retreat. This is a perfect time to consider yourself in retreat. You will have Bön teachings, the ability to have an audience with Rinpoche, and plenty of time to practice. Meditate by the ocean, or by a waterfall or stream.

You will also have some free time to enjoy everything Montezuma has to offer. We will provide information about other activities available as we get closer to the retreat dates.

We ask that you arrive no later than January 29th so you can settle in and be prepared for the teaching to begin on January 30th. The retreat ends on February 4th. Plan to travel back to San Jose or Liberia the next morning February 5th, 2022.

Not For Everyone.

This retreat may not be for you. Students will need to have open hearts, faith in the master, and a receptivity to receive the teaching that is given as something they need, though perhaps not what they expected.
If you are such a student, this can be a wonderful time for you, both physically and spiritually.

We welcome you to join us at this special event.

We welcome significant others as well, they do not need to pay for the retreat if they are not participating but would love to come and enjoy Costa Rica with you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Yeru Bön Center at 952-300-6111 or yeruBön@yeruBöncenter.org

We can arrange for payments for this teaching.

Registration Fees

Meals: $30.00 per day You can choose for the entire time you are there or a couple of days. This is charged with your hotel fees in November 2021

$350.00 Early Registration before May 1, 2021
$450.00 After May 1, 2021

This really is going to be a one-of-a-kind special retreat!





January 30, 2022 @ 8:30 am
February 4, 2022 @ 11:30 am