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Free Practitioner Retreat

August 11- 13th, 2017
Emily, MN

There have been lots of requests for a weekend of prayer learning, practice and meditation.

We have scheduled a date for the weekend of August 11- 13th as a Yeru Summer Retreat. Lead by our Umzeds.

Our thought was to learn and practice the Daily Prayers, Ngondro, Nine purification breaths, meditation sessions and any other prayer or practice you would like to work on. We can even learn about various Thangkas and Dieties, and have discussions about Bon.

There is no fee for this weekend at Yeru Retreat Center. But, we thought it would be nice to have it as a pot luck. Three kitchens and a grill will take care of preparations.

Yeru Retreat Center is located approximately 2.5 hours, with no traffic, from Minneapolis. Beautiful and easy ride.

There is no fee, but we do request you register. This helps with planning, rooms/tents and bedding. Since there is no fee, the tents will be set up, the linen will be placed in each room/tent. But we ask that you set up your beds and at the end of the weekend remove your linen so they can be washed and help break down the tent if you are sleeping in one.

Feel free to bring your family/children. They can go canoeing/boating, fishing. There is a play area, with outdoor Jenga, horse shoe, bean bag toss, miniature golf and more. Our next door neighbor has been wonderful in giving the children a ride on their pontoon boat and pulling the kids on an inner tube. We can have someone available to help watch small children during our practice times. Have bon fires, smores and enjoy the last days of summer while we improve our practice skills.

We welcome anyone interested in learning about Bon, meditation, prayers and mantras.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Deborah at 952-237-8701, Cabin rooms, Sleeping Huts and tents are assigned as the registrations come in.

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August 11, 2017
August 13, 2017