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Dream Yoga, according to Bön, is a very important and very practical teaching of Dzogchen.

Dream Yoga allows us to use our sleeping time for spiritual practice as well as for sleep. Through Dream Yoga, our sleep becomes more productive. Our ignorant sleep is transformed into lucid dreams, which we can learn to control for our spiritual improvement. Through this process, we understand that what we consider the “real” world is also like a dream: devoid of inherent existence.

By using Dream Yoga to realize that things in our day to day life experiences are like dreams, we can detach from our normal, dualistic perception of external reality.  In this way, Dream Yoga helps us cut the root of grasping at dualistic external phenomena.  Dream Yoga increases our wisdom and understanding of the true nature of non-dualistic reality.

Ultimately, Dream Yoga practice helps us to realize the true nature of our mind.

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June 4, 2016
June 5, 2016