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Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s

Khyung Mar ~Red Garuda

Drubpa Retreat

March 19th -26th, 2024
In Person Only

Rinpoche felt it was time to have a serious Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda Drubpa retreat to help the students who are learning the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda practice and to deepen and refresh past students who have taken or practice with the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda practice.

Connecting with the Yidam Khyung Mar, experience the serious ceremonial structure under the guidance of Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche.

This advanced tantric practice of the Khyung Mar will be taught and lead by Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche. He would like all students to acknowledge this retreat as a serious sacred advanced retreat. Rinpoche welcomes all who have studied the Red Garuda ~ Khyung Mar, either by his online course, retreats or by other masters and who are genuine and willing to practice for self or healing for others to join us at this retreat.

Rinpoche will guide us in keeping inner experience of Khyung Mar blessing and energy. This Drubpa will be opened with the installment of the Khyung Mar altar, daily Tsok offerings, Phurba, Ta Chen, Chi Tsam and other sacred ceremonial practice. Items will be collected and placed on the alter till the Drubpa is over. Rinpoche encourages everyone attending to have a Phurba, and Melong at the retreat for a blessing and transfer of the Khyung Mar energy during the retreat.

Through this retreat, you will discover the deep mysteries of the Red Garuda. By the end of this retreat, you will be able to close your eyes, hear the call of the Red Garuda, see the Red Garuda and feel the power of the Red Garuda instantly when in need.

This practice will take you to a place of greater understanding, where you may be able to unveil the mystery of the Red Garuda, and be even more powerful in your practice.

The Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda practice is a powerful practice. Yeru Bon Center has had many students emailing and sending letters on how the Khyung Mar practice has helped them to heal. Even our own Deborah, went deeply into the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda meditation when she had her heart attack and continued until after her surgery days later. She will tell you, it was her practice of the Khyung Mar that kept her alive.

Other students who struggled with cancer will tell you, how the Khyung Mar practice helped them to heal and to manage their illness. Many more students throughout the years have said the same.

There are over 57 parts of the Khyung Mar Teaching, making this a deep and complex practice. But the reason behind our work to present the progressive teachings of the Red Garuda is purely because this is an amazing practice. A Tantric practice, a powerful healing practice, a daily living practice, and a visual and meditative practice.

Besides your Phurba and Melong, we will ask you to bring a copy of Rinpoche’s Khyung Mar Book.

Commitment. Because of the seriousness of this Red Garuda Retreat, Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche has requested students must attend the entire retreat from beginning to end. This is to maintain the sacred space, continuity of community, and focus of all practitioners.

At the end of the retreat all students will receive a special item for your altar, designed for the students attending this retreat, signifying you are a Khyung Mar Nyam Lenpa, Experienced Khyung Mar Practitioner.

If you are new to the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda Practice, you are still welcome to come, but you would understand this practice better, if you were able to review the online course and Rinpoche’s book.

This retreat will be held at the Yeru Retreat Center, located in Emily MN. Peaceful, healing, energizing and the perfect background for this retreat. Two and one-half hours by car from Minneapolis. You can fly into Minneapolis airport, rent a car or we can put you in touch with other students who are attending who would like to share a ride.

Or, you can fly into the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport (30 minutes from the Retreat Center), and one of our staff will pick you up. Learn more about the Yeru Retreat Center here.

Winter space is limited, so we suggest if you are interested in attending to register. You can register with a deposit. Final payment is due March 1st, 2024.

We are sorry, but Rinpoche is requesting this retreat only be in person. The experience, learning all of the details will be much better in person. So no Zoom. Students attending will receive a copy of the teaching.

DATES: March 19th – 26th
WHERE: Yeru Retreat Center Emily, MN

The cabins have heat and a powerful wood burning stove. The sleep huts have electricity and heat. The shrine room is heated. You will be warm and a week of such a beautiful and powerful teaching will be amazing for all in attendance.

If you prefer – there are local hotels about 25 minutes away from the retreat center. Google hotel.com and look for hotels near the town of Emily, MN





Deposit: Will hold your place. Final payment due March 1st, 2024


Rinpoche will be holding three important practice retreats: Blue Zambala, Tum Mo and Khyung Mar with a day or two free days in between each significant practice retreats. You are welcome to come to one, two or all three.


Work Exchange Available. Contact Yeru Bon Center 952-666-8529

Refund Policy:

Yeru Bon Center will issue a refund for registration and accommodations less $100.00 processing fee, if cancellation is received 30 days prior to retreat.

A credit towards another retreat will be offered for cancellations after the 30 days prior to retreat.

We do our best to make sure everyone is comfortable during their stay at Yeru Retreat Center, we even love suggestions to help make Yeru Retreat Center even better. Yeru Retreat Center is in a forest. Garuda Lake is a private lake, calm and wide.

Yeru Retreat Center is also known as “Mini Tibet” with all natural beauty and elements.

Check the weather as you would with any other trip, dress accordingly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Yeru Bon Center at yerubon@yeruboncenter.org. When registering, please let us know of any dietary restrictions, there is a space for this information when registering.



March 19
March 26