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Mysteries of the
Ma Gyud Gong Chod Namsum

Three Essential Practices of the Secret Mother Tantra

February 23rd – 25th, 2024
In person or via Zoom
Yeru Retreat Center

“Ma Gyud,” meaning “Mother Tantra,” as a term, is relatively common in Bön circles, yet its supreme importance to tantric teaching is not always made clear.

The Father Tantra series of teachings (including the Red Garuda) focuses on generation of Tantric energy. The Mother Tantra series focuses on the completion of the energy. Many Mother Tantra practices, including the Gong Chod Nam Sum, involve visualizing offering our own body as a tsog or feast.

Through this teaching of Gong Chod Namsum – the Three Essential Practices of the Secret Mother Tantra – Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche will open the doors to the mysteries of the Ma Guyd. This practice will help us remove obstacles and defilements and attain wisdom. He will teach us the essential offerings and practices to deeply connect to the minds of the Lama, Yidam and Khadro.

This teaching serves as a form of Ngondro for the Ma Gyud teachings, as well as a powerful practice in itself.

This teaching will be amazing and life-changing. Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche believes this is a special teaching for students who are serious in wanting to learn how to manage fear and attachments, release obstacles and impurities, and improve their daily life.



In person retreat fees include: Retreat, Housing and Meals, MP3

Housing: Heated cabins. Sleep huts have electricity and heat.

  • Early Registration In Person by September 1, 2023 $575.00
  • Registration In Person After September 1, 2023 $690.00
  • Zoom: $175.00



Early Registration by September 1, 2023: https://square.link/u/E8eN1Unh

Registration after September 1, 2023: https://square.link/u/wzYR2jMD

Zoom: https://square.link/u/TCp4QFw3


February 23
February 25