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Discover the Mystery of Sidpa Gyalmo

Sidpa Gyalmo is Yungdrung Bön’s wrathful deity, chief protector of Bön, mother of all beings. She holds the title of the great perfection, the feminine wisdom buddha whose wrathfulness protects and heals. She is compassionate, bestowing great wisdom and healing to all.

Through this teaching of Sidpa Gyalmo, you will discover she is the queen of the Universe, is the chief wrathful protector deity of the Yungdrung Bön. She has a horrifying aspect in order to frighten evil ones. Her ability is to protect all sentient beings from harm. Sidpa Gyalmo is the most principle guardian deity of all Yungdrung Bön. She is a deity of exorcism and healing using her ferocious aspect to transmute all negative energies, thus assisting in the healing of all sentient beings. She is the wrathful deity, but shines compassion, wisdom and healing to all.

Her protection of Mind, body, spirit, and of the environment, brings mystery to all who learns of her abilities. During this retreat, you will discover the mystery of this dynamic buddha in female form. Through Rinpoche’s teaching of Sidpa Gyalmo you will discover her ability to heal, protect, guidance and wisdom.

This is a perfect retreat for anyone who is ill, physicians, caretakers and healers and Bön Practitioners. This retreat will be held at the Yeru Retreat Center with the water of the lake and all the elements surrounding you during this retreat.

During this retreat, you will discover the Bön mystery of Sidpa Gyalmo. By experiencing the sounds and emotions of Sidpa Gyalmo, she will resonate with you in time of need.

Space is limited, especially with such a beautiful and dynamic teaching.

– $175 ~ Early Registration fee by November 20, 2017
– $250 ~ Registration After November 20, 2017.


– Your deposit is refundable, less a $75.00 processing fee, if your reservation is cancelled by September 20, 2017.
– 50% refundable if your reservation is cancelled after September 20, 2017.
25% refundable if your reservation is cancelled after November 1, 2016.
– No refunds if your reservation is cancelled by November 15, 2017.

We will, however, apply your reservation fees to other teachings held within one year.

Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche
Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche is Yeru Bön Center’s founder and spiritual leader. Rinpoche is the lineage holder and abbot of Latri Monastery in eastern Tibet. Rinpoche received his Geshe degree (equates to a Ph.D. in the West) in 1987 from the Bön Dialectic School at sMenri Monastery in Dolanji, India.

Rinpoche’s early education came from his father, a well-known lama in eastern Tibet, and from Tsultrim Nyima Rinpoche, the lama of Dorpatan Monastery. Rinpoche later entered sMenri Monastery in Dolanji, India, the seat of Bön religion and education. There he was taught by His Holiness Lungtok Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche, the 33rd sMenri Trizin (abbot); His Eminence Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, who was then the Lopon (head teacher) of all Bön education; and master Geshe Yundgrung Namgyal, a teacher of the Bön Dialectic School.

Rinpoche has taught Bön teachings in the U.S., Europe and Asia since 1989. He is the founder of the Yeru Bön Centers in Minneapolis and Los Angeles; the Shen Ten Ling Bön Centre in Vienna; Shen Chen Ling in Minsk (Belarus); Shardza Ling Institue in Poland; the Shardza Ling in Warsaw, Poland; the Shardza Ling Retreat Center at Zhedoa, Poland; the Bön Shen Ling in Moscow; the Bön Shen Drup De in Kharkov, Ukraine; and Yeru Canada. Rinpoche also is currently supervising a stupa project for world peace at the Kungdrol Ling Retreat Center in Thailand.

Rinpoche is the founder and President of the Bön Children’s Home in Dolanji, India, that provides housing, clothing, food and education for orphaned and underpriviledged Bön children from northern India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim. He is also Vice-Chairman of the LAC for the Central School for Tibetans in Dolanji. Rinpoche founded Hope for Tibetan Children, located in Minneapolis, which raises funds for the Bön Children’s Home and other needs.

Rinpoche is the author of Opening the Door to Bön, a guide for Western students of Bön.


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