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Opening The Door To Bön
Pathway To Inner Peace and Happiness

March 24th – 26th, 2023
July 7-9th, 2023
August 4-5, 2023 Zoom Only
October 20-22, 2023 Zoom Only

Yeru Retreat Center or Zoom

“The world is realized to be like a mirror.
In which one sees their own face through Their reflection”


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Throughout the many years of Rinpoche’s teachings, he has come to realize students from all levels of their studies of Yungdrung Bön are not fully understanding the fundamentals of Bön. Yes, they do their best, but they are often missing important knowledge to help them with their practices. Their foundation needs to be more stable.

Rinpoche believes to be a solid Bön practitioner, you need to fully understand the fundamentals of Bön. Like a foundation to build a house on. Without a good and strong foundation of the inner, outer and secret fundamental practices of Bön, you may not be well grounded in your practice. As a result, you may not be experiencing satisfying benefits from your practice.

Rinpoche will review and teach the four categories Origin and History; The Proper Way to receive the teachings of Bon; Fourfold practices to train one’s mind; and the Nine Preliminary Practices. A true understanding and practice of Ngondro will give you a very strong foundation for your path in the study of Bon.

This Door To Bon teaching we give you a deeper greater understanding and knowledge to help you receive satisfying experience of your Bon practice and daily living.

Rinpoche will help you to build a strong foundation that will hold all other Bön Teachings. You will be a better practitioner and your practice will be most effective for you.

This teaching series will be done in 4 Sessions.

Rinpoche also invites students of all levels of their practice to participate to refresh and to revitalize your practice.

For this series of Opening The Door To Bon, you will need a copy of Rinpoche’s book: Opening The Door. This can be purchased through Amazon.

This teaching is truly one of the most important teachings for our practice. What we learn during this course and how we practice this knowledge Rinpoche will give us, will change how we practice. You will be a strong Ngondro practitioner and able to truly add on to your strong Bon Foundation to learn other important teachings, like Dzogchen.

  • Early Registration, February 10, 2023: for all four teachings $800.00 in person for March and July. August and October via Zoom.
  • Registration after February 10, 2023: $1000.00 in person for March and July. August and October via Zoom.
  • Pay as you go for each teaching: $350.00 in person and 150.00 for August and October zoom teachings.
  • Zoom: For all four teachings: $450.00


Register for October Teaching


October 20, 2023
October 22, 2023