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Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s teaching of

The Practice of Tum Mo
of the Dzogchen Kusum Rangshar

The Self-Arising of The Three Enlightened Bodies


March 12 – 17, 2024

The Kusum Rangshar, or “Self-Arising of the Three Enlightened Bodies,” is one of the most important Dzogchen practices within the Bon tradition.
Tum Mo is a Dzogchen practice which develops our natural feminine wisdom energy that is within you.

We just completed part 4 of Latri Rinpoche’s teaching of “The Practice of Tum Mo” Dzogchen Kusum Rangshare. A couple of weeks ago.

This last teaching was wonderful and intense. Putting all of the pieces of this practice together, understanding how to sit, visualizations and more.
For some it was difficult to follow on Zoom.

Rinpoche strongly believes this practice is very important and should be done correctly. He feels if we do this practice incorrectly, it would not be good. He would like to be sure the students fully understand the foundations underlying in the Tum Mo practice.

So, as he said during the teaching. He would like to change his schedule and schedule a weeklong “Practice of Tum Mo” This retreat will include all of what we learned in Part 1, 2, 3 and 4.

You will be asked to review all of the videos and come to the retreat center and work with him on the Tum Mo practices. When we complete the week, we will be strong, positive and productive Tum Mo practitioners.

Remember, the practice of Tum Mo is not just about producing heat, but a complex energy practice that focuses on much more than simple production of heat. Tum Mo practice can ultimately free us from suffering, all negative karmas, and from cyclic suffering. Very powerful indeed.

He will be able to work closely with the students, help and guide them to be sure they understand this powerful practice.

Rinpoche and Nick have already begun putting the entire practice manual together to be used during this practice week.

We understand how important Zoom is for many students, but he feels this retreat needs to be in person. NO ZOOM.

Yes, students who have studied Tum Mo, and took this practice with another Master are welcome to come to this retreat.

DATES: March 12th – 17th

WHERE: Yeru Retreat Center Emily, MN

The cabins have heat and a powerful wood burning stove. The sleep huts have electricity and heat. The shrine room is heated. You will be warm and a week of such a beautiful and powerful teaching will be amazing for all in attendance.

If you prefer – there are local hotels about 25 minutes away from the retreat center. Google hotel.com and look for hotels near the town of Emily, MN





There will be three retreats back to back. You can come just for the Tum Mo Retreat or combine them with another retreat.

  • The Blue Zambala March 7th – 11th, 2024
  • Tum Mo March 12th – 17th, 2024
  • Garuda Drubpa March 19th – 26th, 2024

Work Exchange Available. Contact Yeru Bon Center 952-666-8529


Refund Policy:

Yeru Bon Center will issue a refund for registration and accommodations less $100.00 processing fee, if cancellation is received 30 days prior to retreat.

A credit towards another retreat will be offered for cancellations after the 30 days prior to retreat.

We do our best to make sure everyone is comfortable during their stay at Yeru Retreat Center, we even love suggestions to help make Yeru Retreat Center even better. Yeru Retreat Center is in a forest. Garuda Lake is a private lake, calm and wide.

Yeru Retreat Center is also known as “Mini Tibet” with all natural beauty and elements.

Check the weather as you would with any other trip, dress accordingly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Yeru Bon Center at yerubon@yeruboncenter.org. When registering, please let us know of any dietary restrictions, there is a space for this information when registering.



March 12
March 17