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Yeru Retreat Center
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April 21-27, 2017
Yeru Retreat Center
Emily, Minnesota

P’howa is one of the very important practice in the Bon Tradition. “P’howa” literally means “Transformation”. Through the practice of P’howa, we transform, or integrate, our mind consciousness into the inseparable, natural state of mind of Kuntu Zangpo, the primordial enlightened one.

P’howa is used by Bon masters at the moment of death to transform their consciousness. P’howa is also a unique method to attain the state of liberation from the cycle of karma, as it teaches us to detach from karmic emotions and to purify our negativities.

If we train with this knowledge, obtained from a qualified teacher, it gives us a feeling of peace and safety, and the confidence to fearlessly acknowledge the visions of the death and dying experience. Through practicing P’howa, we can realize that death is an inseparable part of our life.

There are many versions of the P’howa teaching. This version is known as the P’howa of the Rainbow Light, or in Tibetan “P’howa Jagur Ma.” This practice was received by the 21st H.H. sMenri Trizin, Sherab Gong Gyal, which he received as a direct “Ear Transmission ” (Tib: Nyen Gyud), from the
second Lord Gyalwa Nyipa Nyam Me Sherab Gyaltsen.

During this retreat, Rinpoche will lead us in the practice of P’howa, and teach us how to apply it in practice during our own dying process. Rinpoche will also introduce us to the process of dying, the visions that arise during the process of dying, the gradual stages of Bardo. Through these experiences, we can learn to integrate our mind into the natural state of mind of Kuntu Zangpo, the ultimate reality beyond the cycle of Karma.

At the end of this retreat, Rinpoche will perform a Kusha Ceremony for the students. This is called the Jag-Tsug-Ma, which means “standing blade of grass.” When you achieve the results of the P’howa practice, Rinpoche will insert a piece of kusha grass in the top of your head, which will stand upright as proof of your accomplishment. 

This retreat will be held at the Yeru Retreat Center in Northern Minnesota. The perfect place to learn how our transformation can take us on a beautiful journey. It is a private Lakeside Resort – a peaceful, healing, energizing and the perfect background for this retreat.

Your fees will be all inclusive:

  •  • Teachings, materials, food, shuttle from Brainerd Airport
  •  • Private cabin room
  •  • Cabin dorm room
  •  • Heated Yurt/Tent – Large 7’tall tents 10×10. Tall mattress, small table and chair.

Dormitory Style, Private Rooms and heated sleeping tents with raised bed and bedding.

Deposit: $200.00 will hold your desired space for the P’howa Retreat
a. If you would like to pay the early registration fee, this will need to be paid by September 1, 2016
b. Normal Registration fee is due by April 1, 2017

Early Registration by September 1, 2016
Private Room – $750.00
Private Yurt/Tent – $650.00
Dormitory – $600.00

Registration after September 1, 2016
Private Room – $875.00
Private Yurt/Tent –  $750.00
Dormitory –  $700.00

Register early. Early Registration Fees expire soon.


Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport: 30 min from Retreat Center – Shuttle provided. Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport: 3 hours from the Retreat Center.

Cold, you say! Yes, it is northern Minnesota, but this is a spectacular place to have the Red Garuda Fire Puja and teachings. March begins the thaw here in Minnesota, so the temps should be well above 32 degrees.

You will need, warm weather clothing, jacket and boots. Hats and gloves. If you prefer, there are a couple of motels close by, at your expense.

Space is limited – A deposit of 200.00 holds your place at the retreat. Final payment due by February 28th.

Your deposit is refundable less $75.00 if cancelled by February 28, 2017
50% refund if cancelled by March 10, 2017
No refund if cancelled after March 10, 2017 – But funds can be applied to other teachings for one year.


April 21, 2017
April 27, 2017