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Sangye sMenla ~ Medicine Buddha

Yeru Bön Center, Denmark

March 20 – 22, 2020
Bornholm, Denmark

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinoche’s first teaching at Yeru Denmark will be the The Medicine Buddha (Sangye sMenla), a compassionate manifestation form of Tonpa Shenrab, the founder of Bön and the Enlightened One (Tibetan “Sangye”).

The Medicine Buddha teachings have been passed through Bön masters in a continuous lineage down to the founder of the original sMenri Monastery and all the subsequent holders of that lineage and has been preserved unbroken to the present day.

The Medicine Buddha practice includes meditation and visualization. This 18,000 year old  ancient Yungdrung Bon healing practice of the Medicine Buddha restores and strengthens our energy, depleted from us by the obstacles in our lives, and provides healing and protects us from illness by cleansing karmic impure energies, through reciting Nyenpa (Mantras) and prayers.

This weekend retreat is perfect for anyone who works in all aspects of the medical field, for all who are ill or in need of healing, mentally and physically, for those who work with others who are ill, and for all who would like to benefit from the blessings of this healing practice and use it to help others.

This will be the first retreat being held as Yeru Bön Center, Denmark (Yeru Denmark) and will be held in beautiful Bornholm Denmark, surrounded by the Baltic Sea. A ferry ride from Poland and Sweden. Bornholm is surrounded by Finland, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Russia. Easy to get to and we feel Bornholm is an amazingly healing location. Be a part if this retreat and you will see for yourself.

This Medicine Buddha teaching is quickly booking.

We have a limited amount of bedrooms and beds at our Yeru Denmark location.   We can accommodate 30 overnight guests in a private or shared room.   We now have less then 30 beds available.    If you are interested, please consider booking soon and take advantage of the early registration fee.

Address for Yeru Denmark

Stangevej 16
3760 Gudhjem


  • Registration by December 1st  $150.00
  • Registration after December 1, 2020   $ 275.00

Transportation to Bornholm

  • Ferry, Train, Plane – We are working on details and will be released shortly.


March 20, 2020
March 22, 2020