April 30, 2023 9:00 am — May 2, 2023 4:00 pm

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Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s teaching of

Sangye sMenla ~ “Medicine Buddha”

April 30th – May 2, 2023
9:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.

Bornholm, Denmark
And Zoom

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche will be teaching Sangye sMenla ~ Medicine Buddha. A compassionate manifestation form of Tonpa Shenrab, the founder of Bon and the Enlightened One (Tibetan “Sangye”).

The Sangye sMenla ~ Medicine Buddha practice is an ancient 18,000 year old Yungdrung Bon Healing practice used to helps restore our strengths and energy that has been depleted by us with the many obstacles within our lives. This practice provides healing and protects us from illness by cleansing karmic impure energies, through Nyenpas (Mantras), prayers and meditation.

The Sangye sMenla ~ Medicine Buddha ancient teaching have been passed through YungDrung Bön masters in a continuous lineage down to the founder of the original sMenri Monastery and all the subsequent holders of that lineage, and has been preserved unbroken to the present day. This two-day retreat is perfect for anyone who works in all aspects of the medical field, for all who are ill or in need of healing, mentally and physically, for those who work with others who are ill, and for all who would like to benefit from the blessings of this healing practice and use it to help others.

Where: Bornholm Denmark and via Zoom.

Bornholm is a Island off of Denmark surrounded by the Baltic Sea. This will be the first retreat being held as Yeru Bön Center, Denmark (Yeru Denmark). A ferry ride from Poland and Sweden. Bornholm is surrounded by Finland, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Russia. Easy to get to and we feel Bornholm is an amazingly healing location.

Be a part if this healing retreat and you will see for yourself.

We have a limited number of bedrooms and beds at our Yeru Denmark location. We can accommodate 30 overnight guests in a private or shared room. If you are interested, please consider booking soon and take advantage of the early registration fee.

Fee: Teaching
• Registration by June 30th, 2022 $150.00
• Registration after June 30, 2022 $ 275.00

Fee: Housing and Meals
Approximately 70.00 a day for food and housing.

The Sangye sMenla ~ Medicine Buddha teaching will be held on April 30th – May 2nd, 2023. Best to arrive at the house in Bornholm on April 29th and you will have options to continue your stay after the teaching or leave right after the teaching.

You can stay, for a few days and enjoy your time visiting the amazing Bornholm or visiting with Rinpoche (He will stay in Bornholm until May 6th) maybe a few days of private retreat.

On May 3-5th, 2023, after the Sangye sMenla ~ Medicine Buddha teaching, there will be a Healing Health and Wellness retreat at the same location – Incorporating the Medicine Buddha essence into our daily lives, the illnesses caused by our negative Karmic obstacles and more. Rinpoche will be a speaker at this Health and Wellness 3 day retreat. If you are thinking about staying, we suggest early registration.

Once you register for the Sangye sMenla Medicine Buddha teaching, you will be sent a form to complete for housing, let us know your dates and we will invoice you for your room.

Any questions, please contact Yeru Bon Center 952-300-6111

Transportation to Bornholm
• Car Rental, Ferry, Train, Plane – Give us a call and we will give you suggestions.


Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche

Founder, Teacher & Spiritual Director of Yeru Bön Center.

Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche is a senior Geshe and Rinpoche at sMenri Monastery in Dolanji, India, and one of the new generations of Bön Masters.

Rinpoche is the lineage holder and abbot of Latri Monastery in the Kham region of eastern Tibet. Rinpoche received his Geshe degree (Doctorate of Bön) in 1987 from the Bön Dialectic School at sMenri Monastery in Dolanji, India. He is officially recognized as a Rinpoche by HH the late 33rd sMenri Trizin of sMenri Monastery.

Rinpoche’s early education came from his father, a well-known lama and the lineage holder of the Latri lineage, in the Kham region of eastern Tibet. Further education came from Tsultrim Nyima Rinpoche, the lama of Dorpatan Monastery in Nepal.

Rinpoche later entered sMenri Monastery in Dolanji, India, the main monastery of Bön religion and education. There, he was taught by His Holiness Lungtok Tonpai Nyima Rinpoche, the 33rd sMenri Trizin (abbot); His Eminence Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, the Lopon (head teacher) of all Bön education; and master Geshe Yungdrung Namgyal, a teacher of the Bön Dialectic School at Menri. At the request of His Holiness Menri Trizin, Rinpoche founded and is the President of the Bön Children’s Home in Dolanji, India, that provides housing, clothing, food and education for orphaned and underprivileged Bön children from northern India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim. He is also the Vice-Chairman of the LAC for the Central School for Tibetans in Dolanji.

Rinpoche was the first Tibetan Bön monk to teach Bön in the United States. Rinpoche has adhered strictly to the authentic Yungdrung Bön texts and teachings as passed down for thousands of years. He is the author of Opening the Door to Bön, the premier guide to the Ngondro practices for Western students of Bon, as well as his second book, The Inner Mirror, about A-tri Dzogchen. He recently released his third book, Khyung Mar ~ The Red Garuda about the Bön practice for healing ourselves, others and the natural world.

Rinpoche has taught Bön teachings in the U.S., Europe and Asia since 1989. Rinpoche is an immensely respected monk and teacher throughout the world for his authoritative, compassionate, and engaging teaching of Bön, and his ceaseless service to Bön.

He is the founder and Spiritual Director of Yeru Bön Center (headquartered in Minneapolis, with a branch in Los Angeles); Shen Chen Ling Bön Center in Minsk (Belarus); Sharza Ling Institute in Poland (with headquarters in Poznan and a retreat center in Pyszki, Poland); the Bön Shen Ling Center in Moscow; the Bön Shen Drup De Center in Kharkow, Ukraine; and Yeru Canada. Rinpoche is currently supervising a stupa construction project for world peace at the Kungdrol Ling Retreat Center in Thailand.

Sangye sMenla Medicine Buddha


April 30, 2023 @ 9:00 am
May 2, 2023 @ 4:00 pm