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Sangye sMenla
Medicine Buddha

March 17-19, 2017
Yeru Bon Center, Minneapolis

The Medicine Buddha ( Sangye sMenla) is a compassionate manifestation form of Tonpa Shenrab, the founder of Bon and the Enlightened One (Tibetan “Sangye”). The Medicine Buddha teachings have been passed through Bon masters in a continuous lineage down to the founder of the original sMenri Monastery and all the subsequent holders of that lineage, and has been preserved unbroken to the present day.

The Medicine Buddha practice includes meditation and visualization of the Meditation Buddha. This ancient healing practice and the blessings of the Medicine Buddha restore and strengthen our energy, from us from obstacles in our lives, provide healing and protects us from illness by cleansing karmic impure energies, through reciting Nyenpa (Mantras) and prayers.

This teaching will be held at the Yeru Bon Center in Minneapolis.

This weekend retreat is for all who are ill or in need of healing, with mental and physical, for those who work with others who are ill, and for all who would like to benefit from the blessings of this healing practice and use it to help others.

Many have expressed interested in both the Medicine Buddha and the Red Garuda Fire Puja. For students planning to attend both, limited housing is available, so you may attend the teaching at Yeru Bon Center in Minneapolis, followed by going to the Yeru Retreat Center.

Early Registration, by November 1, 2016 – $275
Registration after November 1, 2016 – $300.


March 17, 2017
March 19, 2017