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Yeru Bön Center is pleased to host Geshe YongDong’s

The Ancient Practice of Dream Yoga

June 1st – 5th, 2019
Yeru Retreat Center – Minnesota

Dream Yoga may be the earliest method of lucid dreaming, a training originated in Tibet over 1,000 years ago.

Studies have shown Dream Yoga and lucid dreaming, has many benefits – boosting creativity, shedding addictions, transcending phobias, improved performance in sports and at work. Research has also shown Dream Yoga can improve your physical wellbeing and healing of serious illnesses.

If you can imagine, the average person has spent one third of their life sleeping. So, if you are 30 years old you have literally spent approximately 10 years of your life sleeping.

The ancient Tibetan belief of Dream Yoga will tell you, an untrained mind, during sleep, is like sleeping in ignorance, no sense of what is happening. Or no sense of growing or development. But through the ancient Tibetan Dream Yoga practice, you can….

Learn to guide your mind with positive thoughts, attention and awareness during your sleep. You will learn to introduce positive thoughts to change negative thoughts or problems during your sleep.

You wake with a renewed sense of awakening of a light from within. Through Dream Yoga practice you can elevate and shine a beautiful light towards your personal and spiritual development.

Dream Yoga helps us to discover limitations we are not conscious of. We can clear deep blockages and are able to discover and enhance our inner most qualities to improve our productive every day life. We can learn to visualize and improve our life through Dream Yoga.

Geshe YongDong, a Tibetan Yungdrung Bön master, will, during this Dream Yoga retreat, teach you the clear light practice of Dream Yoga from the ancient text Bön Mother Tantra (Magyu).

GesheLa will explain how there are two types of dreams – ordinary dreams and lucid dreams. Ordinary dreams depend on your karmic conditions and lucid dreams depend on your meditation and awareness.

GesheLa will talk us through the ancient history and practice of this 1,000-year-old Tibetan Bön Practice of Dream Yoga. He will guide the students on how to prepare for your sleep.

Learning Dream Yoga can open a door to your experience of the true nature of mind. This retreat is open to anyone interested in improving their life through Dream Yoga.

As this is a residential retreat, Geshe YongDong will guide the students on what they should do before falling asleep and follow with discussions the next morning. Or perhaps a daytime nap using the tools he has shown us for dream yoga. Sleeping with the sounds of nature right outside your door.

You will leave this retreat with a sense of awakening in all directions of your life. Imagine, being able to change your life in a positive directions through your sleep!


This retreat will be held at the Yeru Retreat Center, located in Emily MN.

Yeru Retreat Center is a private resort surrounding Garuda Lake. Peaceful, healing and energizing. The perfect background for this Dream Yoga Retreat.

Two and one-half hours by car from Minneapolis. You can fly into Minneapolis airport, rent a car or sign up for a Yeru Shuttle ride.

We know people have concerns about mosquitoes and ticks. We have discovered a new organic treatment to prevent mosquitoes and ticks. It works. So, do not worry about mosquitoes and ticks within the retreat center. If you plan to take a hike, we have organic products you can apply so you can continue your beautiful time at Yeru Retreat Center.

This retreat will be held at the start of summer here in Minnesota. So you will witness a beautiful rebirth of all the trees in our forest. The eagles soaring, deer are excited to swim in the lake and more amazing wildlife are excited to be out enjoying the sun shine and the warmer weather.

During your free time, take the canoe or kayak out on Garuda Lake to add to your experience of Geshe Yongdong’s Dream Yoga teaching. These two combined is a powerfully great mix!

We ask all students to arrive the day before the retreat starts, May 31, 2019. This will ensure everyone is ready to start the retreat on time with no interruptions and we ask that you stay until the end of the retreat to keep the energy consistent.

Housing Options: All housing options come with linen, blankets/comforters, table, chairs, and heat.


  • King Bedroom with Private Bathroom.
  • Semi Private Room 1-3 persons – One twin, Bunk Bed
  • Private Bedroom – Queen Bed

Yeru Huts – Very cozy and comfortable

  • Yeru Hut – One Queen Bed
  • Yeru Hut – Double Bed
  • Yeru Hut – Twin Bed
  • Yeru Hut – Shared two twin beds

Yeru Yurts – Glamping Tents, cozy, comfortable and so peaceful

  • Yeru Yurt – One room large 10x10x10 Queen Mattress, Table, Chairs
  • Yeru Yurt – One room large 10x10x10 Shared Two Twin Mattresses, Table, Chairs
  • Yeru Yurt – One room Large 10x10x10 Private One Twin Mattress, Table and Chair
  • Yeru Yurt – Two Bedroom – Two Twin Beds and Living Room Area
  • Yeru Yurt – Two Bedrooms – Two twin beds in each room
  • Yeru Yurt – Three Bedrooms – Two Bedrooms and one Living room area

But if you prefer, you can stay at one of the hotels in the area. You will need to arrange for transportation to and from Yeru Retreat Center.

  • Forty Club Inn, Aitkin 18 miles from Yeru Retreat Center 218-927-2903
  • AmericInn by Wyndham Pequots Lake – 19 Miles to Emily 855-516-1090

Meals: Meals are included in your fee for the entire retreat. Fresh non-processed meals will be available for everyone. We accommodate vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets.

Transportation: Yeru Bon Center will arrange a shuttle to leave Minneapolis on May 31, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. from Minneapolis Airport area. The van will return back to the Minneapolis Airport on June 6th at 8:00 a.m. If you are traveling by plane, do not plan a flight to leave on June 6th before 2 p.m. It is a 2.5 hour drive if you do not stop, but many times, there are stops, which is alright, but please plan accordingly.

There will not be any changes on the shuttle’s schedule. So please, if you arrive after 1:00 p.m., after the shuttle leaves, you will need to find your own way to the retreat center.

If you need to stay one more night to take a morning flight on the 7th, talk with Deborah for accommodations.

If you plan to rent a car, this really is a beautiful ride to the Yeru Retreat Center. You will pass farm country, then lake country, Indian Reservation and more lake country before you arrive at Yeru Retreat Center. Watch for deer in the area. Enjoy the Eagles soaring.

If you are renting a car, you are not restricted to staying and can leave after the retreat is over.

Payment & Refunds:
Your fee is refundable, less a $75.00 processing fee, if your reservation is cancelled by April 15th, 2019. Refundable 50% if your reservation is cancelled after April 15, 2019, and non-refundable after May 20, 2019 . If you cancel after May 20, 2019, we will apply your payment to another Yeru teaching held within one year.

About Geshe YongDong

Geshe YongDong was born in the village of Nagpa, Amdo, Tibet in 1969.

By the age of 7 he lost his mother and started to think about becoming a monk. But his family had other plans for him. GesheLa, at the age of 10 worked herding sheep and yaks in the Himalayas. It was dangerous work for a young boy who had to travel along through the cold, dark mountains. But he learned to experienced utter silence and to be along with his fears.

By age When he was 13 years old, he entered the Nangzhig Bönpo Monastery, the largest Bön Monastery in Tibet. In March 1992 at age 24, he was awarded the Rajampa Geshe degree.

In the spring of 1992, Geshe YongDong with 10 other Tibetans, escaped from Tibet into Katmandu, Nepal. With the help of a Nepalese guide, they walked for 10 days through the Himalaya mountains.

He continued his studies and received transmissions and empowerments while residing in Dharamsala India from H.S. the 14th Dalai Lama.

From there he continued his studies at sMenri Monastery, the seat of Yungdrung Bön in India. He received his in-depth studies on Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen from His Holiness, the 33rd sMenri Trizin and Ponlop Trinlyi Nyima Rinpoche .

Geshe YongDong is the founder and Spiritual Director of Sherab Chama Ling in Courtenay, BC Canada. Bon Da Ling in Costa Rica and Sherab Chamma Ling Columbia.

He is the author of
• Introduction to Bardo Meditation
• Knowledge of Land of the Snow
• The life of the Son of the Snow
• The Ancient History of Tibet
• Calm Breath, Calm Mind

Yeru Bön Center is so happy to have GesheLa back to teach Dream Yoga.

If you would like more information about Geshe YongDong and Sherab Chamma Ling visit their website at: https://sherabchammaling.com/about/biography-of-geshe-yongdong/



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