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The Precious Gem – Dzogchen Teaching

Dzogchen teaches us that our natural state of mind is the union of emptiness and clarity. Our natural state of mind is peaceful and calm, free from attachments and illusions, and naturally perfect. Dzogchen is the highest form of Bon teaching, which helps us understand and claim the natural state of our mind. The natural state of mind perceives the world as it truly is, without attachment or judgment. Through our study of Dzogchen, we learn to free our minds from our attachments, grasping and illusions. In this way, we can experience the peaceful, calm, beautiful, open and non-judgmental natural state of mind. We realize that everything is naturally perfect in itself. The Precious Gem is a powerful Dzogchen teaching that provides inspiration and points us toward the natural state of mind.

The Precious Gem was first taught by Meu Lhari Nyen Po, the fifth Tonpa (teacher) of Yeru in the 11th century.  Yeru was at that time the main seat of Bon, prior to sMenri taking that role. The Precious Gem teaching has been handed down for centuries in an unbroken tradition.

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche will teach this important Dzogchen teaching.

The Precious Gem Retreat will be hosted by Eleanor M. Caponigro –
1440 Bishops Lodge Rd.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Eleanor’s phone number will be given after you have registered for this event. You may contact Yeru Bon Center with any questions prior to you registering.

• Four Day Retreat – $400.  (Includes Digital Recording of Full Retreat)
• Early Retreat Registration by January 10, 2017 – $325.00  (Includes Digital Recording of Full Retreat)
• High Definition Digital Recording and Teaching Materials of full Retreat – $150.00
• Early Registration, January 10, 2017. High Definition Digital Recording and teaching Materials – $100.00

Refund Policy:
We realize life changes, Yeru Bon Center offers a cancellation refund, less a $100.00 processing fee for any cancellations received 14 days or more prior to the start date of this retreat.

Cancellations less than 14 days prior to retreat start date:  Credit will be director towards a future retreat of your choice.

No refunds offered less than 24 hours of the retreat start date.

(We just googled hotels in the area.  Have not stayed at any of the listed hotels.  The ones listed are 4 and 5 start hotels, using the zip code of 87506).

  • Fort Marcy Hotel Suites   1877-275-9879
  • Hotel St. Frances  1-866-215-4064
  • Inn and Spa at Loretto    1887-275-9879


April 10, 2017
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