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The Khyung Mar Red Garuda Drubpa

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche
Additional Geshe to be announced

October 6th– 11th, 2020
Zoom Live Stream
Limited Attendance at Yeru Retreat Center – Emily, MN

The Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda is truly a powerful teaching and practice. Many students and practitioners use it to heal themselves and others, and to transform their negativities into wisdom. The Khyung Mar has many levels, and Rinpoche wants us to be able to go deeper into this powerful teaching of the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda.

Our group has experienced practitioners, as well as some who are new to the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda practice. Rinpoche believes we are at a good point to stabilize and deepen our practice. And yes, this means hard, individual, inner work, in a supportive group, under the supervision of a superb teacher.

Rinpoche’s original plan was for a complete in-house retreat.  But this is not possible with the Pandemic.  We have altered the retreat plans:   Smaller group of students live at the Yeru Retreat Center and open Zoom Live Stream.

Here at the Yeru Retreat Center, Rinpoche will establish the sacred boundary when we begin, and respect the boundary until we end the retreat.  We ask the students participating via live stream to do the same and Rinpoche will guide you through this process prior to the Khyung Mar teaching begins. He also asks all student to be mindful of the teaching times.

During the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda Drubpa there will be fewer formal “lectures.” Rinpoche will guide students in their practice, hold informal talks, and spend more focused time with each student attending live and attending through zoom live stream, meeting them at their level to help them improve their practice. This is an authentic and effective way for students to deepen their practice.

During this intense practice, students may experience the signs that they are achieving the stages of Khyung Mar practice. Rinpoche will discuss the signs with students and help them understand their individual practice based on their own realization of the signs of achievement.

Students will also get a great hands-on education by both making and performing tsoks and being involved in the rituals.

The goal of this Drubpa is for students to strengthen their Khyung Mar practice and develop the needed familiarity and inner connection with the Kyung Mar, so they may be effective practitioners who can independently perform the Khyung Mar practice at a high level; and be ready to move on to the more advance Khyung Mar practices.

For students attending through zoom, you will be sent a supply list for the Tsok and other practices Rinpoche will be performing with everyone.

If you plan to attend live at the Retreat Center, we have the space and the protocol for social distancing and following the guidelines of the CDC.   But we need to keep the group small.   Unless you come with someone who is your partner, significant other, roommate, you will not be sharing a room with anyone, but have your own private room.   The retreat center is secluded so not open to public, you will be safe inside the retreat center.

Space is filling fast for this retreat. If you are planning on attending, we advise you to register as soon as possible.

Yeru Retreat Center –  If you are attending the retreat in person, feel free to arrive on October 5th,  There will be activities scheduled for the evening hours.

Zoom Live Stream  –  If you are attending via Zoom Live stream, you will receive a list of supplies needed so you can participate in the Tsok, as well, all of the syllabus, prayers and boundaries instruction.

Schedule –  The schedule will be posted a week before the retreat begins  –  For now, know from 9:00 – 5:00 all days, some morning meditation times and evening events.




October 6, 2020
October 11, 2020