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The Sacred Mystery of Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda
Drubpa Practice Retreat

October 6th– 11th, 2020
Yeru Retreat Center, Emily MN

We have read your emails and taken your calls with requests for the next Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda teaching. We spoke with Rinpoche about the emails and phone requests. Rinpoche was happy many of the students would like to return for more Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda teachings. After much consideration, he has planned a wonderful retreat.

The Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda is truly a powerful teaching and practice. Many students and practitioners use it to heal themselves and others, and to transform their negativities into wisdom. The Khyung Mar has many levels, and Rinpoche wants us to be able to go deeper into the powerful teachings of the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda.

Our group has experienced practitioners, as well as some who are new to Kyung Mar ~ Red Garuda. Rinpoche believes we are at a good point to stabilize and deepen our practice. And yes, this means hard, individual, inner work, in a supportive group, under the supervision of a superb teacher.

Rinpoche is requesting a formal Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda Drubpa practice retreat. To emphasize the seriousness of this practice, we will establish the sacred boundary when we begin, and respect the boundary until we end the retreat.  During the Drubpa there will be fewer formal “lectures.” Rinpoche will guide students in their practice, hold informal talks, and spend more focused time with each student, meeting them at their level to help them improve their practice. This is an authentic and effective way for students to deepen their practice.

During this intense practice, students may experience the signs that they are achieving the stages of Kyung Mar practice. Rinpoche will discuss the signs with students and help them understand their individual practice based on their own realization of the signs of achievement. Students will also get a great hands-on education by both making and performing tsok and being involved in the rituals.

The goal of this Drubpa is for students to strengthen their Kyung Mar practice and develop the needed familiarity and inner connection with the Kyung Mar, so they may be effective practitioners who can independently perform the Khyung Mar practice at a high level; and be ready to move on to the more advance Khyung Mar practices.

In preparation for this Drubpa, we will help students in the way we’ve done in the past that has proven successful for many students. We will offer the new and improved Red Garuda Online Course created from past Khyung Mar retreats. This online course will include the original materials, like the Red Garuda preliminary prayers and the Red Garuda visualization and mantra. But it will now also include the advanced practices Ta Chen, Chi Tsam, the use of the Phurba, and more. We will include live stream teachings from Rinpoche (based on his availability) and live stream practice sessions with Yeru’s Garuda Guys, David Peteler and Nick Tichawa.

To start, this amazing course will start with the first Live Stream Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda held in December, 2019 (details to come) with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche.  Read below to see how this live stream will open the Online Course in preparation for the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda Retreat.


The Khyung Mar Red Garuda Drubpa retreat will be held:

October 6th– 11th 2020

Yeru Retreat Center
Emily, MN

The first retreat being held inside the new Temple.

To help all of the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda students, we have included online courses and live stream prior to the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda Retreat. Students are encouraged to participate in the online course, monthly live stream and the retreat. But we understand if you are not able to participate at the retreat. The goal is to learn the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda in a deeper level, so you have a good foundation to continue your Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda Practice.

This special Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda Retreat will include the following:

Online Course:  Including new, advanced materials.

Live Stream, Monthly Practice:  With Rinpoche, based on availability, the Garuda Guys, David Peteler and Nick Tichewa. If there are students who would like to lead one of the Live Stream this would be a treat as well.

Facebook Chat Room:  Great place to discuss your practice and for support.

The first Live Stream will be on December 21st: Rinpoche will lead this live stream. Discuss the course, how we should study and prepare for not only for the online course, but the retreat as well. He will answer any questions you might have. He will also lead the students in the Khyung Mar ~ Red Garuda Mantra and visualization.

Rinpoche will also discuss in detail what he hopes you will feel during your practice and well encourage you to journal your thoughts.

At the end of this live stream, the online course will be released, and you can work on this course at your own pace. The course will be 6 months long, but you will have access to practice for 1 year, so you will be all ready for the retreat.

The Location for this retreat will be Yeru Retreat Center in Emily Minnesota.

Housing will include Cabin rooms, Yeru huts with private bathroom with shower, electricity and electric heat.  Linen, down blankets.

Meals include and will include vegetarian, meat, gluten free

How To Register: 

  1. You can choose to register for the online course and live stream course only
  2. You can choose to save a bit by registering for the entire package
  3. You don’t have to take the online course, you are so welcome to attend the retreat only.


Main Cabin:   Housing is given as registrations come in.  There will be no tents available for this retreat. So, housing is limited, and we recommend you register quickly to ensure you have a room at the Yeru Retreat Center.

If you would like to stay in a hotel.  We recommend you got to Hotel.com and give them the address of 40719 Lows Lake Rd, Emily MN.  They will give you the closest hotel in the area. AirBnB options may also be available.

Transportation:   Because we will be setting up a Facebook page for this event. You will be able to ask if anyone is renting or has space in their car for and would like to share the expenses. We have Sangha members who would be interested in having someone drive up with them to the Yeru Retreat Center.  So as the retreat time gets closer you will have a better idea of who has space in their car.


  1. MSP – Minneapolis/St. Paul International airport is less expensive to travel into, but the car rental fees are higher.   You will be 2.5 hours to the retreat center.
  2. Duluth International Airport, is closer to the retreat center, but more expensive, but the car rental is less expensive
  3. Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport is definitely closer to the retreat center, and a pick up can be arranged, but it is more expensive to travel into this airport.


Early Registration Fees:  If registered by October 19th

$700.00 Retreat and housing

$425.00 Commuter

Registration after October 20th, 2019

$900.00 Retreat and housing

$525.00 Commuter

The online course will be a separate purchase of $180. It will be available on doortobon.org beginning December 21st.

Yeru understands, this is a high cost investment. But unfortunately, there is a fee to cover for this and every teaching event. As in the past we are happy to work with all students to make this retreat possible.

There are several options:

Work Exchange:   We will need three persons for this retreat.  If you are interested, please contact yerubon@yeruboncenter.org

  • Arriving one day early to help prepare for arriving students. 8 hours of work
  • One to two hours of help each day: Kitchen, Yeru store, or light house keeping
  • Stay one day after to help clean up after the retreat. 8 hours of work

Payments:   You can arrange with Yeru Bon Center to make monthly payments. Payments must be completed no later then August 20, 2020. Payments will be arranged through PayPal and they will automatically bill your credit or debit card.

Unfortunately, this will not include the early registration fee.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.  952-300-6111




October 6
October 11