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Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s

The Tigle of Healing
The Natural Five Elements

Part 3 ~ Final in this series
Certification Teaching

December 5th – 9th 2020

This teaching will not be held in Costa Rica. Instead, as requested by many of the students, this Five Element Tigle retreat will be held at Yeru Retreat Center and done via Live Stream December 5th – 9th.

In order to keep with the CDC guidelines, the in-person retreat will be restricted to a smaller group. There will be no sharing of rooms, except for couples.  

Yes, we know it is in December, a definite beautiful time at the Yeru Retreat Center. The winter elements of Minnesota can take your breath away because of it’s beauty. You will discover how amazing the winter elements can be. If we are lucky, this is northern lights season and we may have a northern light show. 

All of the cabins, huts and tiny houses are heated, the shrine room will be heated. Not sure it will be cold enough to have Garuda Lake Frozen. As Rinpoche has mentioned, Mini Tibet will give you the beauty of winter. Space is limited, register early.

Now, let’s not discount Zoom –  We have all learned to be a part of many Bon teachings through Zoom. You will have all of the materials needed for this teaching, private time with Rinpoche and be added to the different pull out groups for discussions and practices. 

The third and final series of Five Elements teaching with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche

The first year Rinpoche taught about the general aspects of each of the five elements and how each of the elements correlates with our body organs. He taught the students the hand gestures for each of the elements.

Last year, Rinpoche taught the students the energy, the essence of the corresponding Khadros for each of the elements, recitations and connecting through gestures and meditation. He talked about the essence form of each of the elements and how they correlate with organs, our mind and body.

This year, Rinpoche will take his students to a more advanced deeper level of the Five Elements. Teaching the students how to connect and experience the most subtle energy needed to essentialize each of the elements, creating a single essence as the Tigle or dot of clear light, opening space for healing.

Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Space all have a role within our lives: Our environment, home, work, health and mind. Yungdrung Bon’s five elements teaching believe balancing the five elements within our lives creates a healthier environment. Producing calm, peace, better health, and mental clarity.

This next level advanced teaching of the Five Elements will show you the element’s most subtle energies, and importantly, how each element in the deeper level corresponds to your five wisdoms and practicing seriously its nature ~  your “La” – chi, “Tse” – life force, and “Sem” – mind. This powerful teaching of this ancient practice will show you how to create and replace anger, confusion, sadness, ill health with calm, peace, clarity, good health, good environment health.

You will be asked to think on how you see your life, what physical and mental struggles you may have.

This will be the final teaching of the Five Elements series done here in Costa Rica. Learning to essentialize all the elements into their most subtle form to exchange the negative into a positive form of being within your life, your health and your environment. This powerful teaching of this ancient 18,000 year Yungdrung Bon practice will give you a deep seeded gift to help not only you, but for physician, care takers, healers and more.

Although, this is an advanced teaching, students who are new to healing with the Five Elements are able to purchase the videos from the last two teachings and this will help you to catch up with the group.

This retreat will help you to release, step back, learn and apply the tools learned from Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, all while enjoying all the winter elements at Yeru Retreat Center.  Last year was a certification course, this teaching will also be a certification course, plus a special piece of jewelry representing each of the element and your knowledgeable in the healing with the five elements.

This powerful Natural Five Elements healing retreat will consist of five days, one element devoted to each day. Half of the day will be lecture-style teaching and meditation. After lunch there will be a breakout session to practice, as a group the hand elements, recitations and visions of the elements.  The second half of the day will be an experiential adventure with each element, to create our personal connections with each of the Tigle.

What’s Included with the retreat:

This teaching will include:

  • Retreat with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche
  • Morning Meditation
  • Directly practicing with the Tigle of each of the elements
  • Discovery of the true essence of each element and experience
  • How the elements work with our body organs and chakras
  • Fireside Chats – Group talk about your element day
  • Meditation – Learn or improve your meditation practice
  • Nine Breath Purification Practice
  • Syllabus
  • Digital Video Recording of Teaching
  • Integration exercises of the inner and outer Five Elements ~ Afternoon Events
  • Certificate of knowledge
  • Five Element amulet

Where:   Yeru Retreat Center

Teaching Fees – Includes retreat, housing and meals.

Early Registration, September 30th  – $550.00

Registration, After September 30th  – $650.00

Live Stream – $250.00

Retreat Refund
We hope this terrible pandemic will be under control, but if it is not, we will cancel and give a full refund without penalty.    Yeru Retreat Center is isolated, once you arrive, you are safe and protected from the pandemic.

If not relelated to the pandemic:

50% refundable before after October 20th

No refunds after October 20th. If you cancel after October 20th, we will apply your payment to another Yeru teaching held within one year.



December 5, 2020
December 9, 2020