April 29, 2022 8:00 am — May 1, 2022 1:00 pm

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Healing Through Tse Wang Rigzin,

According to Tse Wang Jarima

Three Year Healing Certification Course

Second Year ~ Week One
April 29th – May 31st, 2022

We have just completed year one of this three-year certification course. In April we begin the second year of the Tse Dup Healing Through Tse Wang Rigzin, According to the text of Jari Ma.  Very powerful, very amazing, and very healing!

Yungdrung Bon has proven to be a rich and powerful history dating back approximately 18,000 years of healing and balancing the mind, body and spirit. Through the Yungdrung Bon Lineage master of past and present, we are given the gift of knowledge and ability to innately heal not only ourselves, but others.

According to the teachings of the Yungdrung Bön, a human life is rare and precious. Because of this, there are spiritual practices with the purpose of healing any damage to the lifespan and for removing any obstacles that could interfere with the complete fulfilment of the lifespan of an individual. One of the most common practices to attain these results is The Tse Drup Practice of Tse Wang Rigzin’s Healing according to the true text of Tse Wang Jarima.

As this course will be according to the true text of Bon, specifically from the text of Tse Wang Jarima and being taught by Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, there will be no adaptations to this teaching. What this means, students will be learning about this practice undiluted or adapted. Students will receive the full benefits of this teaching and practice. Very powerful, very beautiful and very effective healing, energy healing, deep revitalization of the La, Tse and Sok.

Through the teaching of this three-year course, students will learn how to balance the essence of the life force Chi attaining a quality, happy, and healthy long life within your mind, body and spirit. To understand when your mind, body and spirit are depleted and in need of reviving. To revive the quality, energy, and quality essence of the La ~ Chi, Tse ~ Life, and Sok ~ Living.

Students will learn the essence of the La, Revival of Tse, and the Quality of Sok. Learn how to feel and transfer energy to where it is most needed.


Healing Through Tse Wang Rigzin – Three Year Certification Course

We just completed year one and for the next two years, we will continue as follows:

  1. Two three full day Online teachings
  2. One weeklong retreat at Yeru Retreat Center in person (preferred) or online
  3. The last retreat of the third year will be held at sMenri Monastery where His Holiness, the 34rd, sMenri Trizin will give each of the students who have completed this Tse Dup ~ Healing Through Tse Wang Rigzincourse  Empowerment, Oral Transmission and certification of this special Bön teaching for students to show you are knowledgeable and prepared for this practice.

This certification course is perfect for students of Bon who want to understand the power of healing through Tse Wang Rigzin.   This course is perfect for physicians, therapists, healers, care givers and anyone in the medical profession.

This Tse Dup course is incredibly detailed. You will be learning many other Bön practices to combine for a complete learning of this Healing Practice.

In between the online teachings and the weeklong retreats, you will be given assignments to work on, journaling, research. You will be asked to memorize Tse Nyen, practice your meditation and other assignments.

Students will have access to the Facebook Group Chat Room ~ “Healing Through Tse Wang Rigzin Chatroom” where your questions can be answered or to communicate with other students.     You will be asked to partner with various students to practice together. From time to time, Rinpoche will be in the Chat room and able to answer your questions directly. But remember, this course works best when you truly and seriously work it.

There will be one or two Live Stream talks for approximately 1-2 hours in between the scheduled teachings.



SECOND YEAR  of Healing with Tse Wang Rigzin

Here are a few practice we will be learning this next year.

First week of second Year

  • Bon Exercises
  • Dag kyed – how to transform
  • Dutzi and Transformation
  • Tigle essence of Chi
  • How to bring back the Chi


Second week of the second year

  • Bon Exercises
  • Energizing the essence of the life force symbol
  • Blessings of the enlighten ones, Khadro, and powerful beings
  • Life Force Essence
  • Absorbing the life force essence


Third Week of the second year  5 day retreat

  • Bon Exercise
  • Tse Dar
  • Essence and energy of the life force – transmitting
  • Putting practice into realization
  • Power of Five Elements
  • Inviting the essence directions of Tse Wang Rigzin
  • Bring the Five Wisdom and energy into you


We will also begin our plans to travel to sMenri Monastery for the last class of the third year.



  • $800.00 for all three teachings per year. Early Registration Discount available.
  • We offer payment options –  email yerubon@yeruboncenter.orgfor more information.


Certificate of Completion for Drub Shen Healer.
Rinpoche would like all students to continue their study every two years,  refreshing your skills. We will be offering a refresher course every two years for Continuing Education.

If you missed the first year, but interested in this three-year certification course, you can purchase the complete video of the first year, this will help you to catch up.

You can purchase the videos, syllabus and workbooks for the first year at this link:



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April 29, 2022 @ 8:00 am
May 1, 2022 @ 1:00 pm