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Tse Dup

Healing Through Tse Wang Rigzin

Practice Weekend


November 2-8, 2021
Yeru Retreat Center

During Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s last retreat on Healing Through Tse Wang Rigzin, According to Tse Wang Rigzin, Rinpoche strongly recommend each student should dedicate a minimum of a week for a private retreat, to practice all they have learned during the first year. He asked students to focus on this Tse Dup Healing Through Tse Wang Rigzin.

Students requested if Yeru Retreat Center could be available. Yes, of course, Yeru Retreat is always available to Bon practitioners.

So, we have formally set aside November 2 – 8th, for practitioners to be at the Retreat center physically. We will also make Zoom practice sessions available. You don’t have to stay the entire time, but it is available for you.

Yes, the Retreat Center is set aside from November 2 – 8th. but from November 5-7th, we can work as a group on all Rinpoche has taught us and fine tune our practice. We would practice together all of what has been taught during the morning, then students can go and have their private time in the afternoon and evening.

The focus would be:

  • Nine Breaths
  • Five Breaths
  • Energy Circle
  • Tse Dar
  • Tse We Lung Ngna ~ Five Root Channels and Wind
  • Upper Tro Gyal ~ Washing Rites
  • Poe Sang ~ Lower Tro Gyal
  • Tsam Chad ~ setting Boundary
  • Text of Tse Wang Jarima Nyenpa
  • Zab Toed


Plan to join us, either physically or by Zoom, for a great opportunity to focus on this material.

Covid:   We follow all CDC guides for our guests.   We request a negative Covid test before entering the Retreat Center.  Masks inside the shrine room.




November 2, 2021
November 8, 2021