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Honoring our 11th Annual, 24 Hour Global Prayer Event For World Peace

The power of prayer is amazing, it is even more powerful when people gather together to pray. Yer Bön Center’s Annual Global Prayer event brings people together to pray for one hour during your 7:00 p.m. time zone and then continues to the next Time zone and continues for 24 hours around the world.

For the past 11 years, Yer Bön Center’s Global Prayer event has always been held of the birth anniversary of Gyalwa Nyipa Nyammed Sherab Gyaltsen.

Because on this auspicious day, our prayers are mutiplied 100,000 times.

We ask that you join Yer Bön Center either by yourself, with your sangha, prayer group, and or a group of friends. You don’t have to be a Bön practitioner, and you can pray in your faith. The concept is, you pray or meditate for one hour during your 7:00 p.m.time zone. The prayers will continue west to the next time zone and they will continue with prayers and meditation for 24 hours.

We request that you register for this free annual event. All names will be submitted to sMenri Monastery for additional blessings.

After registration you will receive Zoom link if you would like to log on during your prayer time with others. You will also receive the prayer link for the prayers Rinpoche has chosen.




February 14