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Yum Chen Sherab Cham Ma
The Great Loving Mother

August 24th – 31st, 2024
Crete, Greece
In person and Via Zoom

Yum Chen Sherab Cham Ma is the Great Mother of all beings, who shines wisdom and loving kindness on all sentient beings.

“Yum Chen Mo” means “great mother,” referring to her as a source of love, wisdom, unconditional compassion and kindness to all sentient beings regardless of their original belief.

Cham Ma, the short form of her name means “loving mother.” She is the base of all manifestations of all enlightened ones (sangye or buddhas), and the source of their wisdom, compassion and loving kindness.

She is the embodiment of all enlightened females. Like Kuntu Zangpo, she is the primordial origination of our true natural state of mind. She is a protector, a guide and a loving mother.

She manifests and appears only to serve and benefit whoever is in need, whoever is calling her from the core of their heart with devotion and trust.

Your fees are considered all inclusive: Retreat, meals, housing, syllabus/booklet, transportation to the resort, from the airport and video. You will have the option of meeting with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche to discuss your understanding of Cham Ma and how you would like to continue with the practice.

There will be practice sessions as well as excursions for all to visit a part of Greece.

The location is beautiful and filled with so much healing energy. A wonderful place to host a Cham Ma Retreat. Of course, you will have Rinpoche’s teaching, practice time and one or two afternoons to explore Crete.

There are many different ways and different types of practices for Chamma. In this weeklong retreat, Rinpoche will teach us how to connect with Cham Ma and how to receive her blessings and energy, through meditation, prayers and reciting the sacred 21 syllable mantra.

Through connecting with Cham Ma, we generate our inner compassion and love and wisdom. We awaken from the closed-mindedness of emotions, and expand our inner love, compassion, and inner kindness for ourselves and others.

For this reason, this teaching of Cham Ma is very important for sentient beings that are looking for love, healing and compassion. As Cham Ma is the source and embodiment of wisdom and unconditional compassion of all the enlightened ones, in this time of crisis, Cham Ma’s teaching, healing, protection and guidance are important and reliable. By calling her by name from the core of our heart with genuine trust motivation, Cham Ma will be reached. She will hear our inner voice and she will help us manifest what is needed to benefit us.

Rinpoche has selected this important and powerful teaching on the occasion of his first time teaching in Greece, at the request of Yeru Bon Center.

During our retreat, Rinpoche will teach us in great detail about the Loving Mother Chamma and about this powerful practice to benefit ourselves and others.

WHERE: Crete, Greece

A beautiful location surrounded with olive groves, the view of the Aegean Sea.

Retreat location is opposite from Ada Mountain, – Known for its healing energy. Small village below with beautiful history.

Retreat Fee

Retreat fees include:  Retreat, Meals, Housing, Syllabus, Video, Transportation from the village to the Resort, Multiple Excursions.

We understand money can be tight, but we are a Bön family and we want to make things easier if possible. We can offer a $500 deposit, followed by a $100/month payment plan.

  • Single Room  1313.00
  • Shared room 1000.00
  • Dormitory 800.00
  • Zoom:  200.00

There will be optional excursions – These arrangements will be discussed on your arrival and the arrangements can be managed.

Cancellations accepted prior to June 15th, less $200.00





August 24
August 31