Letter from Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche – May 1 2015

May 1, 2015

To all Dear Students and Friends around the world.

I have waited to write to you until I had more information to share with Minneapolis everyone regarding the situation in Nepal. My family is safe, but there is such deep sadness of the loss of longtime friends and acquaintances in Nepal. I have such a deep sadness over the loss of monuments and symbols of my childhood. But none greater than the loss of over 6000 people who lost their precious lives, and the millions of people who are now living in the streets because they lost everything.

Here l am requesting to all of you for your kindness and generous support for the people of Nepal. I am asking you to join me and my global organizations for emergency relief funds and support for Nepal to provide shelter, clothes and medication. Please give as much as you could on a humanity level.

Our small help means a lot for the people in Nepal at this unthinkable tragedy.

My nonprofit organization in the US, Yeru Bon Center, Minneapolis, is a 501 (c)(3) organization, and is working with my Himalayan Zhang Zhung foundation in Nepal.

Here is what l wish you would focus on:

1. Contributions of any amount.
2.Clothing. Either new, or clean and useable. Men, women and children.
3. Sleeping bags or blankets. We are trying to collect bedding for 300 people.
4. Sleeping mats. We need mats for 300 people. This is especially important for the elders, sick
and children, as the ground will be wet in the rains.
5. Children’s formula, diapers, vitamins
6. Tents and canopies, to provide shelter from sun and rain
7. Duffel bags or other carrying I storage bags
8. If you have the ability to contact clothing or sporting goods companies and arrange for donations
of these goods, please contact Yeru Bon Center.

Yeru Bon Center is working to put together a team of people to go to Nepal and deliver these goods. I will plan to meet the group in Nepal and have a place for them to stay.

If anyone is interested in collecting the above named items, please feel free to help make collections and to send to Yeru Bon Center at 301 E. Lake Street, Suite 201 , Minneapolis, MN 55408 or contact Yeru Bon Center, they may have a direct address for you to send the items.

We must act with urgency as the people of Nepal so desperately need our help now.

Thank you,
Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche

Yeru Bon Center
301 E. Lake Street, Suite 201 Minneapolis, MN 55408
952-300-6111 yeruboncenter.org

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