Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche and Yeru Bon Center would like to help promote the new book, The Eighty Mahasiddhas of the Mother Tantra by Tsadzin Lopön Geshe Monlam Wangyal.

Book and ordering details below copied from Facebook post:

***Shense Norbu Wangyal Rinpoche, 87th Lineage Holder and direct descendant of Tönpa Shenrab, encouraged Tsadzin Lopön on the importance for the Bön Tradition to have a collection of paintings of the early Drubchen of Bön Magyud created.***

***Yongdzin Lopön Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche auspiciously provided a hand-written foreword in Tibetan for Tsadzin Lopön Geshe Monlam Wangyal on the first page of the book.***

***These are rare images of thangkas that were on display at an exhibition at the Helina Rautavaara Museum in the beginning of 2018 in Finland.***

***Limited Edition of only 500 copies published and printed. First 101 copies sales proceeds to go directly to Tsadzin Lopön’s newly founded “Buddha Shenrab Welfare Foundation” to aid in supporting Khenpo Zopa Gyatso’s Tekchen Zhide Dargye Ling Monastery in Mongolia including thangka painting training, preparation of Tibetan Medicine, and support for Bönpos in need, as well as future publications currently being worked on by Tsadzin Lopön.***

***The book is hard-bound and printed on the highest quality paper available. 180 Pages with 86 Full Page Thangkas on the right hand side as well as additional images on the opposing page. Price is $80.00USD. Shipping is provided by DHL and is averaging $22-$25USD depending on location.***

***TO ORDER: Please Visit and Message “The Eighty Mahasiddhas of the Mother Tantra” Facebook page to place an order.***

***Your copy/copies will be reserved for you while a Shipping Cost is obtained from the Shipper in Delhi. You will be notified of the Shipping Cost and the PayPal account to make payment will be provided to you.***

***Your package will be shipped via DHL and you will receive a Tracking Number.***

***If Paypal is not an option for you, we will see what can be done: bank transfer, Western Union, etc.***

***By purchasing the book through this page you are directly supporting Tsadzin Lopon and Buddha Shenrab Welfare Foundation.***

Thank you.


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