Yeru Bön Center is happy to announce the redesign of our media website,

The site was updated to be simplified overall and to more closely reflect the recent redesign of The website still includes our Yeru Store, online courses, and our podcast, Böncast, but all with a newer, cleaner look and feel.

One of the most exciting parts of the redesign is that we are making major updates to our online courses — including both the way the course is structured and the content itself. Online courses will now be simpler and easier to navigate, but also full of the rich content that will allow you accurately and deeply perform the practices, analyze your mind, and connect to the enlightened ones.

The first course we have released in this new format is Sherab Chamma Daily Practice.

This course on Bön’s Wise Loving Mother will teach you several devotional meditation practices, includes many analytical meditations in the form of journal prompts, and teaches numerous exercises to connect to Chamma and integrate her practice into your entire life — all backed with the deep Bön philosophy and spirituality.

This Sherab Chamma teaching by Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche is meant to fully transform and reinvigorate your life.

The course is recommended to take two months, but there is no end date, so you may work through the material as fast or slow as you like. There is also an online forum for you to meet other students and discuss the material – a virtual Sherab Chamma sangha or spiritual study group.

It’s a beautiful new course and a wonderful way to connect to Bön spirituality in this new year.

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