To all my dear students, friends and supporters of Yeru Bon center,

After my return to India at sMenri Monastery, the Mother Monastery of Bon tradition, I made a trip to Poland. I assisted Nyima Lama in following up annual teachings from April 2014 till the 26th of June 2014.

During this trip I visited all of my sister Sharza Ling centers in different cities under the umbrella of Sharza Ling Institute in Poland.

Due to some health issues right after my return to India, I went to Manali which is one of the most well-known touristic places in the northern Himalayan region. I was not there as tourist but to the avoid heat of summer for health reasons. It was very pleasant to recover and rest, which is the very first time in my life I took so-called rest for myself, so I was very thankful for this health issue to be able to rest a little bit– just kidding.

Right now I am in Kathmandu for some official work as well as a short visit to My Mom and sister too.

I know this information may not be a very timely update due to my health, but I would like to thank you all for praying for my speedy recovery and healing, because all of your love and compassion and prayer gave me an usually fast recovery and I am in very good in health now.

I do remember you all in my prayers as well and in my thoughts.


Nyima Rinpoche

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