Dear friends, students, and supporters of Yeru Bon Center,

At this Losar, it is time to thank the departing Year of the Horse, and to look back on and cherish what we have learned from the past year.  As always, there have been many achievements. In some places there have been failures. But we can learn a lot from both, and so we view them both as positives.

It is also time to welcome the new Year of the Wood Sheep. At this time we should generate pure motivation for peace and happiness to all.

On this occasion, I wish you all a very happy Tibetan New Year of the Wood Sheep. I pray for all beings, and particularly for all of my students, friends, supporters of Yeru Bon Center and the Bon Children’s Home, and all members of our spiritual sangha.

Everyone should open their eyes each day during this New Year with prayer and productive thoughts, for inner growth mental nourishment. We can rush all year long in search of happiness, but our search only bears fruit when we generate positive thoughts.

From the deep center of my heart, I give my blessings, prayers and wishes for Losar to all of you.  You are always in my thoughts and will be forever.


Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche


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