This is HE sMenri Ponlop Rinpoche’s first visit to Tibet, on July 1, 2018. He is welcomed by monks and devotees at the Lhasa airport.



July 2, 2018. This is HE Ponlop Rinpoche’s first audience with HH the Gyalwa Shentsangpa Rinpoche, the highest position in Bon. They met at his private residence, HH Gyalwa Shentsangpa Rinpoche is a member of the only existing family of Tonpa Shenrab’s lineage



Visit of HE sMenri Ponlop Rinpoche and Geshes who studied at sMenri in Dolanji, at the site of an important and formerly one of the main Bon monasteries, in a place called Toed Lung near Lhasa. It is in ruins now, but it is a very holy place.

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