David goes to sMenri Monastery (Part 4)

While meeting in the administrative offices I learned that not only have the BCH children scored highly in the recent academic competitions, but the day before they had gone to Chandighar and competed in a track and field competition where 500 schools from all around the area were represented, and had come back with 16 medals.

We then saw the new girls’ dormitory, which is quite nice. Nyima Rinpoche explained that he believes the girls should have more light and air, so the girls’ dormitory has plenty of space and windows. He believes the senior girls (11th and 12th grades) should have more privacy, so two girls share a room with a terrace. The terraces adjoin so the girls from the various rooms can hang out on the terrace.

The boys’ dormitory is not as luxurious as the girls’ but provides shared rooms, as well as an open area that is used for prayer and for homework. The new kitchen is big and spacious, with gas stove and a separate wash area with plenty of running water. The new dining hall is also spacious.

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