David goes to sMenri Monastery (Part 6)

We were treated to a presentation by the children. They performed a variety of songs and dances, from Tibetan folk songs and more popular songs, to Nepali modern songs, to a Bollywood dance routine that was the clear favorite of the group, up to a male soloist rendition of “I’m Glad You Came.” We were all impressed with the level of talent of the children. There were several boys who played a Tibetan stringed instrument and drums to accompany some of the songs and dances.

The Tibetan folk dancers were boys and girls who did a great job. The modern dances were performed almost exclusively by girls. All of the performers put their hearts into the show.

There were the obligatory speeches. I was able to tell the students how we at Yeru Bon Center and Hope for Tibetan Children were able to keep up on their progress through e-mails and photos sent by Kelsang and Phuntsok. I reminded them of the important of an education, and told them they should be proud of their accomplishments. I also mentioned the important contributions by the BCH staff and administrators, particularly Nyima Dakpa, who has travelled the world raising awareness and money for the BCH.

After the program we had lunch, which consisted of many courses of Tibetan food. Rice, dal, meat dishes, mutton soup, vegetables and yogurt, followed by fruit and chai. Much needed and well received.

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